iPhone from Apple is the most talked about mobile phone, which we have ever come across till yet. People swear by its name! Honestly speaking, I haven’t witnessed such a huge amount of craziness for any mobile phone till yet in my life! Though our blog is an Android Blog we post this because of the “iPhone vs Android Phones trend”.

best places to buy iphone

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It has become one of the most costly gift items that anyone can think of giving to his loved ones. Surprising your dear ones is always an excellent way of keeping them happy. So you also think about surprising your dear ones. It doesn’t matter whether that person is your parents, siblings, wife or girlfriend. No doubt, it is one of the most beautiful gifts of modern days!  Only diamond can beat its popularity.

Here I will like to recall one of my closest friends. She is staying in Singapore with her husband. Last month on 7th March, she was celebrating her marriage anniversary. She has a habit of sharing every moment of her life on FB except some few! It doesn’t matter whether that episode or her life is big or small.

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All of a sudden she started posting,”Feeling great!, Seems like I am on the top of the world!!” Her husband is also a very nice guy. I thought that she may be very happy on her Wedding Anniversary Day. After few minutes she rectified her post,”Feeling Great with an iPhone in my hand. Just now, my hubby gifted me.”

I can’t exactly judge her feelings, whether she was more happy with her husband or with that iPhone or with both!! But I haven’t seen her expressing her emotions, so much whole heartedly. If you also want to witness those same emotions in the eyes of your spouse then be quick and book an iPhone for her before your Anniversary Date! You can book from any of these websites.

1.) Amazon

If you are going to buy a big thing like iPhone then you should search for it on a bigger platform like Amazon! Whether it is iPhone6 or iPhone6 Plus or iPhone5 you will get everything on Amazon. I am sure it’s prices will also be quite good than others!

2.) Ebay

Ebay is also at par with amazon when it comes to buying anything online in India. For Apple iPhone, you can definitely look on ebay. Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal- these are the names which have stood true to the expectations of the customers in India.

3.) Flipkart

Flipkart is that one name which has shaped the past, present and future of e-commerce market in India. You should not have any doubt in your mind while buying your dream phone from there. So go there, buy an iPhone and make merry!!

4.) Infibeam

An equally good platform just like the 3 places that I have put above! You go there and experience the magic of online shopping on Infibeam for an unlimited period. I think it will be much, much better than your expectations.

5.) Snapdeal

If you are looking for a good deal on Apple iPhone, then the ideal place for you will be Snapdeal. What can be a better place than it, for getting deals? Even its rivals will agree with me on this point. So go and order an Apple iPhone either for yourself or for your dear ones. Snapdeal also provides exclusive offer and deal on smart phone so if you are looking for the offer and deals visit CouponzGuru.com and save the money while shopping from snapdeal.

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