Mobile technology has enabled revolutionary changes in modern society. There are applications that can help you do virtually everything from shopping, fitness training, health monitoring, pizza orders, completing your medical paper to studying for an exam. While many people use applications for fun and entertainment, you can leverage these apps to learn and increase your scientific knowledge. Whether you are a science major in college or scientific ideas have always fascinated you, there are innovative apps that can help you learn more.  

Top 5 Fun Scientific Apps

This article explores a few scientific that are fun to use.

1. NASA Globe Observer

Science buffs love everything about NASA, and when there’s a chance to learn more, they can’t forgo the opportunity. The NASA Globe Observer is one of the most exciting mobile apps for anyone who wants to find credible scientific information. You can use this app to collect data on cloud cover, observe weather conditions and mosquito habitats. You will serve as the researcher and all information collected goes to NASA’s website. If you have always dreamt of working with NASA, why not start by using this interesting and free Android and iOS app?

2. Anatomy 4D

Whether you are in medical school or you have always wanted to learn about the human body, it is time to download the amazing Anatomy 4D. This app leverages augmented reality and other cutting edge technologies to give the user an incredible tour of the human body. Print out a sheet of paper and hover your phone over it and you’ll get an insightful and detailed 3D image of the human body.

3. BrainPOP

Learning new scientific concepts is fun and exciting but some topics are too hard to comprehend. This is where the innovative BrainPOP app comes into play. This ultimate app teaches you lots of amazing subjects using short, animated videos.

From English, arts and music, health, to engineering and tech, you will find an unlimited range of topics and the videos will captivate your interest. The developers add new content every new day, and you will always have something to learn whenever you open the app.

4. MyShake

How would you like to predict the next earthquake in your area? MyShake is an interesting and fun app to use as it helps build up a global picture of seismic activity. The developers are researchers at the University of California – Berkeley’s Seismological Laboratory.

The app runs silently at the back and logs seismic activity and identifies genuine earthquake tremors. It ranks in BBC Focus Magazine’s 10 of the best science apps for Android. If you have an interest in earthquakes, this app is also ideal for viewing recent seismic movements around your region or anywhere in the world.

5. The Elements

The periodic table is one of the most important things you have to learn as a science student. It is not easy to remember all the elements, but now you can leverage The Elements app which gives you a tour of the periodic table. This an interactive digital resource for iOS devices revolutionizes the periodic table by making it 3D and giving you the physical form of each element during the tour.  You also get quick facts and more in-depth background details on every element including discovery, applications among other details.

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These are only a few of the amazing science apps you can use to boost your learning experience for school or general knowledge. Go on and try them out to learn more.

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