If you run a business you certainly need to be familiar with SEO rankings.  Whether you are an expert at it or need to hire an SEO specialist to handle the process of getting ranked at the top of Google searches it’s an extremely important tool for your business.  There are some tricks of the trade you can utilize to assure your website has the highest ranking possible and at or near the top of a Google search.

Some of these tricks include producing engaging content, manual outreach (or guest blogging), making sure your landing page is high speed, optimizing your images, and making sure your content is broken up with header tags. These things are not only important when you are trying to spread your business across the web, you should keep them in mind if you want to start SEO business too.

Engaging Content

Producing engaging content will drive traffic to your website.  Plus updating it with new content often will also drive more traffic to you.  The more popular your website is the higher ranking Google will give you thus placing you higher in searches.  Also making sure the content is relevant and recent is important as well. Go here if you are looking to hire a content manager.

Another way Google judges your site is by something called Dwell Time.  Dwell Time is how much time people spend at your site per visit. The better and more informative your content the more people tend to hang around scouring through your posts and articles.

Landing Page Speed

You definitely need to have a high-speed landing page.  Google will penalize you if it’s not. Plus, if your website is slow people will click away and search elsewhere for the information they want.  For instance, if your page takes more than three seconds to load the abandonment rate is about 40%. Whereas if your page takes less than two seconds the abandonment rate is fewer than 10%.

Research has shown that 80% of the visitors that leave your page due to slow loading speeds won’t come back again.  This will obviously hurt your ranking because of low traffic.  However, if your site is quick to load, visitors do come back often and thus your popularity and SEO ranking will be high.

Image is Everything

Images and are a huge boost to your website.  However, you need to take care that the images are optimized in the right way for them to help your SEO ranking.  For instance, they need to be the correct size and file format. You don’t want the files to be too big as they will slow down your loading speed.

Another way you can utilize your images to boost your SEO ranking is to place keywords with them.  Such as in the title or caption. For example, you could write “Top Ways to Improve Your SEO Ranking”  Just make sure it’s relevant to your product or business.


Breaking up your content with header tags will make it easier and more pleasing for the reader.  If you have plain text without headers visitors will turn away. They will look for content that is more exciting and your SEO rank will go down.

Guest Blogging

Guest blog posting is another great way to achieve the SEO rank goal fast. This really helps your blog better way. You are getting high domain and page authority backlink for your website or blog. There are several guest blogging service available but you have to find then best for you.

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