World of Warcraft, developers constantly delight players with new content, which takes a lot of time to master. Another one comes out next, and even experienced players sometimes get lost in them. What can we say about newcomers who have just come to conquer gaming continents.

Where to Begin The World Of Warcraft

The World Of Warcraft

Decide on a faction:

  • Horde
  • Alliance

The classic World of Warcraft has always favored the horde, but gradually, with the release of updates, the factions were leveled, and now it is equally pleasant to play for any of them. Choose the one that is visually appealing.

Choose a class

World of Warcraft, has a huge selection of classes and races related to the chosen faction. Beginners can rack their brains for a long time about which class to choose so that it is relevant, strong in leveling and PVP, and has value in raids and groups.

You can immediately reassure – in World of Warcraft, the speed of character development to the maximum level is quite fast, from which the main part of the game actually begins. Therefore, we discard doubts, choose the class to which the soul lies and pump, over time, your account will have many characters of different classes, and you will already decide on the main one.


beginning the warcraft journey

At the very beginning of the journey, the developers of World of Warcraft Shadowlands will send all new characters for reworked training.

Players will learn the basic mechanics, movement, skills, leveling quest system and skills useful in the game.

Upon completion of the training, you will be sent to conquer the World of Warcraft.

There is an interesting feature – since the current update is now Shadovlands – the rest of the updates that were released earlier become free and the player can study the content and quest line of previous updates by pumping in the corresponding hunting zones.

Your task is to get the maximum level as quickly as possible and start conquering the main PVP and PVE content.

And there are two ways to solve this problem:

  1. Level up in all available hunting zones, destroy bosses and go to actual raids.
  2. Pay for the boosting service wow, and get the opportunity to conquer the top content of the Shadowlands update without wasting time on boosting to the maximum level. After all, the main, relevant content released with the update is always designed to complement the game world and add activities for long-playing players. The faster you conquer the top level, the faster you start your gaming path to the best players on the server.

Leveling for PVP points

One of the most interesting components of any online game is the battle between the players.

Oppositions are single – in duels, or in hunting zones, in which two Frances have access. But there are also massive ones:

  1. Arena battles 1×1 3×3
  2. War on the battlefield

Arena combat is a confrontation between players, regardless of faction. Players can try their hand at battles with allies. The rewards are special arena coins, for which you can buy improved PVP equipment and weapons.

Battlefield warfare is the biggest battle in the World of Warcraft – players from opposing factions challenge each other for the right to own the territory. A parallel reward is also special coins that can be spent on improving PVP equipment and weapons.

PVE content

Playing games on pc

In fact, any player activity aimed at destroying monsters is PVE. But we are talking about a more complex aspect of the game.

In the World of Warcraft world, players are forced to join groups in order to kill really difficult bosses and complete raids.

Difficult raids require battlegroups to be played, with the appropriate equipment. The reward is enhanced weapons and armor, which drop from bosses and allow players to power up their characters. Also, many raids will bring achievement points that will give additional bonuses to your character.


Game professions associated with activities in pumping zones and in cities.

Professions are divided into gathering and creation.

Collective, such as:

  • Collection of herbs
  • Skinning
  • Mining

They will help players acquire additional resources that can be sold for gold, or kept for future crafting.

Creation Professions:

  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring
  • blacksmith craft
  • Alchemy

These professions are aimed at processing the earned resources into useful equipment and consumables.

The advantage will be the ability to create weapons and armor for your class, so as not to buy it on the market. But you can also sell consumables, and with the money you earn, just go to the game market and dress your character in good armor to complete the first raids.

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