Tinder is among the biggest names when it comes to the world of online dating. The application is one of the most popular, globally successful apps which has captured the imagination of hundreds of millions of users. The company has now acquired video startup Wheel, possibly in an attempt to introduce video-based features on their app! At this moment the specifics of this deal have not been announced.

Wheel is a California-based startup. The company had introduced their app which featured Snapchat-like stories. Tinder has been quite vocal about their plans to introduce video-based features. The company has been talking about it since as early as 2015, and it now looks like they are ready to put their plans in action.

Video has been something all the major apps and social networks have been jumping towards, and with the Wheel acquisition, Tinder is now all set to make the leap to video as well. The introduction of video on Tinder could give the users a whole new way to interact with each other, and especially on dating platform, people will let their creativity flow! This would be a welcome addition to the app.

While an acquisition does not always result in an innovation or the addition of a new service, in this case it does seem like Tinder is ready to finally introduce video on their app! This is not the first acquisition made by Tinder. In the past they acquired Tappy. The app is increasing in popularity with every passing day, and is helping millions of people around the world find dates!

While there are no details on how addition of video on Tinder would be introduced, it is likely that they may introduce a Snapchat-story like feature previously tried out by Wheel. Stay tuned with us for more updates!