Brushing our teeth is important for maintaining our oral hygiene. Therefore, toothbrushes have become an important accessory in the lives of everybody. The design and manufacturing of toothbrushes have evolved significantly over the decades. Many companies have also come up with innovative electric toothbrushes as well.

There is no denying the fact that the manual toothbrushes are quite effective in removing the plaque in the oral cavity that can lead to decay and other oral related diseases. In this post, we shall try to understand why it is a good idea to adopt electric or electronic toothbrushes, and discard the traditional or manual toothbrushes.

They clean the plaque better:

The vibrations and the movements of the bristles in the electric toothbrushes are more effective for removing the plaques, which build up in between the teeth and gums. The micro-movements of the bristles created by the vibrations ensure a proper cleaning of teeth and the spaces between them. Recent studies have clearly indicated that they reduce the plaque much better than the manual toothbrushes.

An essential necessity for people with mobility problems:

Since the electric toothbrushes work pretty much on their own, they do most of the job for you. People with limited mobility problems, due to health disorders like development disabilities and arthritis, will find electric toothbrushes to be more convenient and useful to them.


These toothbrushes come with inbuilt timers to guide you, so that you will know for how long

you will need to brush, in order to effectively remove the minute particles in between your teeth. It allows you to stay more focused while brushing your teeth, thereby ensuring better results.

Better durability:

The electric toothbrushes are designed with superior quality materials to ensure a better durability. At the same time, they are designed to provide complete safety to your gums during the usage. Therefore, you will not have to keep changing the toothbrushes every now and again, because of wear and tear.

Excellent choice for people having orthodontic appliances:

If you have orthodontic appliances like the braces, then electronic brushers can help you in ensuring clean teeth, without causing any problems to those appliances. You get proper cleaning and healthy oral health, without causing any harm to your mouth cavity.

Next generation electric toothbrushes:

With the advancement in dental science, companies are coming up with highly advanced and automated toothbrushes. Amabrush is one of the popular brands manufacturing automated toothbrushes. The automated toothbrushes manufactured by them do not even look like any of the regular or other electric toothbrushes.  

They look more like mouthpieces for upper teeth and lower teeth. Those mouthpieces have special quality bristles all along the teeth-line. This ingenious design allows for cleaning of all the teeth simultaneously. Therefore, you get perfectly clean teeth and oral cavity, within just 10 seconds.

If you don’t want to brush your teeth for 2 minutes every day, then you will simply love this modern toothbrush. You can visit to check out complete features of this automated toothbrush, and pre-order your piece today.

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