Creating an iconic brand identity begins with creating an eye catching and memorable logo. You want your company stand out from all the others. Turbologo is a service that can help the small business person do it themselves–with a little of your own creativity and thoughtful planning. Think about all the big-brand logos you’ve seen in your life. Some are obviously more memorable than others. McDonald’s arch is immediately recognized wherever you go. Of course, McDonald’s has spent a small fortune on marketing, but because of modern on-line technology support, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create an effective logo.

Before you create an eye popping and effective logo using Turbologo. To begin, think about the most relevant message you want to send about your business and the services and products your company offers. This logo will need to stand out from a large crowd. Therefore, you want to quickly and memorably capture the “spirit” of your company or services to capture the attention of your target customers.

Tip One: The design should make the logo immediately recognizable and should inspire trust, solid reliability, the admiration of others, loyalty to the product, and should also  imply the superiority of your product.

Tip Two:  Paul Rand, the great modern designer, encouraged businesses to think of their logo as a flag, a signature, a street sign. The logo obtains its meaning from the product or quality it represents, not the other way around. Therefore, it should be simple with colors that convey the mood and feelings you want to elicit. This can be a bit daunting since most small business owners don’t consider themselves as designers, and that’s precisely why a service such as Turbologo is so important.

Tip Three: Simple is best, and less is usually more. An effective logo is distinctive and appropriate, and it’s also practical and “graphic”  in form. Think of the UPS logo. It’s strong, can be printed in any size, and it looks good even when not printed in color. Again, some rudimentary software can be used to accomplish this with relative ease.

We highly recommend that you begin with Turbologo to help make your creation the most productive–resulting in a logo design that will stand the test of time. Click here to find and read about top logo design companies.

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