According to experts, smart use of electricity can save you a lot of money in terms of energy bills. You don’t have to incur a lot of expenses to cut utility bills. All you need is to make a few no-cost changes and you will be right on your way to saving on utility bills. This article is going to highlight the top no-cost ways of saving energy in your home.

Turn Off Lights for Saving Energy

Don’t leave unnecessary bulbs on. According to the stats, switching off 2 incandescent bulbs (100 watts) can save you up to $15 per year. However, the best thing is to switch to LED bulbs. If you are not using a particular bulb, switch it off.

Natural Light

Natural Light for saving energy

Leverage the power of natural lights in your home or office. Ensure that the spaces receive enough natural light. This will ensure that less light is used in your home, helping you save up to $9 per year.

Task Lighting

If you have table lamps, use them. Consider turning ceiling lights off. Also, you can use track lights as well as under-counter lights in place of ceiling lights. They can save you a lot of energy.

Shorter Showers

Staying in the shower for long means consuming more energy. Plus, hot showers can be expensive. If you want to cut down on electricity bills, consider taking shorter showers. This strategy can save you up to $30 per year.

Consider Unplugging Unused Electronics

Save your money

According to the stats, unused electronics can account for 10 percent of your total energy costs. That’s why you shouldn’t leave electronic plugged on. Consider unplugging unused electronic gadgets. This includes radios, TVs, Fridge, microwaves, freezers, etc. It can save you up to $50 per year.

Switch Suppliers

The high cost of energy can result from your supplier. Inaccurate bills can make you spend more money on utility bills. Thus, ensure that you are getting accurate bills. Report any discrepancies in time. If your current supplier isn’t responding, consider switching to a new supplier. Conduct your research and choose a plan that makes you happy.

No Desktop Computer

Old desktops rely on analog technology. According to research, analog technology-based gadgets tend to consume more electricity than their digital counterparts. That’s why you should think about switching to laptops. Also, ditch those old analog TVs. Bring in smart TVs and save a lot of money.

No Air Conditioner Should Be on When You Are Away

Air conditioning consumes a lot of electricity. Of course, you cannot do away with an air conditioner at home. The best thing to do is to switch it off whenever you are away. Doing this (for 2 months) can save you up to $16.

Other Tips

Here are additional tips for saving energy:

  • Consider managing the thermostat.
  • Seal all the window openings
  • Work on your home’s insulation
  • Consider washing your laundry in the cold water

Key Takeaway

Additionally, you can also install smart meters for business and lower energy costs. Conduct your research and purchase the right meter.

The Bottom-Line

Ways of Saving Energy

Why are you letting the high electricity bills overwhelm you? There is no need. Going smart can save you a lot of money. Still more, going smart doesn’t entail committing huge amounts of money. It’s all about embracing the above no-cost ways.

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