The ways to receive healthcare by many eligible and seniors have been changed by Medicare. The history of Medicare starts from 1912 when the coverage of national health was discussed for the first time by President Roosevelt. While considering the past of Medicare, it is also important to discuss its future. Technological advancements have also affected the benefits of Medicare. The information provided in this write-up will help you in understanding the future of technology in Medicare and what to expect if you’re going to get Medicare or already have it.

Technology and Medicare

Technology in Medicare

Like every other thing, recent technological developments have also affected the industry of healthcare. It has introduced new ways of monitoring communication and processing data as well as the tools used in the healthcare industry. These technological improvements have affected almost everyone including the beneficiaries. Today, it is difficult to provide Medicare without being well versed with the use of the internet.

Communicating Wirelessly

After being invented in 1973, wireless phones have traveled a long way to achieve today’s position. Many doctors have completely digitized their offices. One of the biggest technological advancements in healthcare is telehealth services that allow people to get healthcare services of better quality in the comfort of their homes. Medicare advantage plans were introduced under the CHRONIC Care Act to provide optional coverage for healthcare including telehealth for the people living in an area with Health Professional Shortage.

Data and Monitoring

The processes of data and monitoring were introduced in healthcare as new advancements in terms of HER or electronic health record, which was introduced in 1970. The shape of EHRs has been improved since then by various acts like HIPAA to created safeguards for health professionals and patients. One company that has been leading in providing the best EHR solutions is HealthTECH Resources. Moreover, the records of most hospitals have been digitized to reduce the number of mistakes in diagnosis, prescriptions, and patient records to make Medicare plans more reliable and efficient.

Testing and Experimenting

Many new things affecting Medicare have been discovered by performing experiments with artificial intelligence and virtual reality. In order to revive old memories, researchers are testing various tools of virtual reality. Moreover, devices have been introduced on the basis of artificial intelligence. These devices can be used to ensure the security and comfort of the Medicare eligibles and seniors in case of an emergency like falling or more.

Apps and Tools

Various types of health trackers and tools have been created through these technological advancements. You can use these tools to record figures like blood sugar, blood pressure, level of glucose and ketones, etc. Moreover, you can get more than 300,000 various types of apps and tools focused on healthcare services in the market to choose from to track your health conditions easily.

Enrollment in Medicare Advantage

Recently, in 2003, Medicare has introduced Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare has created Medicare Part C, known as Medicare Advantage, on the basis of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. According to the data provided by the Family Foundation of Henry J. Kaiser, the enrollment of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries has reached 19 million, triple since 2003. Most of the plans of Medicare Advantage provide coverage for prescription drugs as well as coverage for vision, hearing, and dental in some cases.


Thus, the future of technology in Medicare is very bright as it has made healthcare more secure and comfortable for seniors who are eligible for the program. Whether you’re working full time still or not. There continue to be tools generated to make access to Medicare easier for all.

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