Smartphones have already revolutionized our lives, and it seems that this transformation is still far from its end. Every year brings new features in electronic devices, and the ones we already know are constantly being improved. What will be the future of smartphones, and how will they look at the turn of the decade? Some predictions are quite interesting, but no less exciting is what awaits us in the upcoming years.

Smartphones To Be Presented In 2023

Already in 2023, those, who are enthusiastic about technology and innovations, have a lot to wait for. On the list of smartphones that will be presented this year, there is Samsung Galaxy S23, Apple iPhone 15, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, or OnePlus 11. The list of upcoming smartphones in 2023 is much longer, and every enthusiast of new gadgets will find something interesting.

Although there might not be a great breakthrough in innovations and mobile technology in the next year or two, the audience has definitely something to await. New smartphones will be improved and developed, offering an even better quality of experience, bigger memory, extraordinary colors on screens, and much more. Is there anything more to offer in the future?

Smartphones Of The Future

2 person using a smartphone

Predictions for smartphones are fascinating, and what’s even more surprising, they forecast some great changes and innovations in less than a decade. That might be something truly remarkable, as smartphones of today are already amazing. They accompany us on an everyday basis and can substitute a number of other electronic devices. You don’t need a separate GPS device, a pager, a map, or even a computer to still make use of their functions.

The smartphones we already have are all-in-one devices. We use them for work, entertainment, and as time killers. Their comprehensiveness makes them the perfect tools for our modern society. No matter if you need to buy a new oven, or you wish to unwind and maybe win some money. You can use your smartphone to locate a gaming platform, betting website, or even an online casino; you can also use it to read reviews and try out the site. You only need a mobile device to access platforms like VegasSlotsOnline, read recommendations about the many mobile casinos on their experts’ page, and try to earn money. If it is safe and up-to-date, you can use it for entertainment and still get the finest experience possible.

However, technology is evolving, so let’s examine some smartphone forecasts for the following decades.


person holding a folding smartphone

We are already able to purchase phones that can be folded and reduced in size. For a few recent years, the tendency was to get the screen bigger. But together with the screen, the whole device grew. Smartphones have become unhandy, especially when it comes to keeping them in your pocket or a small purse. That’s why we started to go back to the previous trend of the clamshell design. This time, however, not only does the body of a smartphone fold, but the screen does too. It seems that in the future, we will keep the big, clear screen and reduce the whole device in size.

No Wired Charges

Getting your smartphone charged with a wired charger is a nuisance, as you need to leave your device close to an outlet. Chargers are getting tangled with other wires, they are easy to lose and inconvenient. The future might bring a solution to this problem. One of the predictions is over-the-air charging — no wires necessary.

A Smartphone Or Smart Glasses?

smart glasses

An interesting option would be to change a smartphone to some other device that would fulfill its function but released your hands. The idea is to create smart glasses that would display everything you can see on a screen directly in front of your eyes. However, this is still a dream as the main challenge is to squeeze the technological solutions into a regular pair of glasses.

Futuristic Smartphones

All the devices will be developing, improving, and evolving, and the features of future smartphones will be of a futuristic kind. There might be liquid buttons, photonic displays, or a connection with virtual reality. The future of mobile technology is definitely interesting.

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