Do you want to know about the biggest roulette wins? Roulette is not often thought of as a game where there are epic wins to be had. The truth is that most roulette bets are small-stakes affairs. However, in land-based casinos and some high-stakes sites like Casino, the value of bets can rise dramatically. Roulette is a game where you’re going to need to take a risk and bet big if you want to reap the rewards. A handful of people have done this and walked away from the roulette wheel with epic wins. Find out who in this brief guide to the biggest ever roulette wins.

Explained the Biggest Ever Roulette Wins


Sir Philip Green’s Big Win

Long before he became an ashamed figure of ridicule, Sir Philip Green was once a dab hand at online roulette. The fashion and business mogul once managed to win £2 million playing in London back in December 2004. Before the year was out, he also scooped another £1 million win, proving that if you’ve got the cash to bet big – you can win big.

Chris Boyd’s Modest Horseshoe Win


One of the biggest wins in the land-based casino world occurred at the Binion Horseshoe Casino. The famous Vegas venue was home as Chris Boyd decided to risk everything he had. Most casinos have table limits to stop this from happening, but the Horseshoe didn’t, and they’ll regret it now. Going all in on an even money bet, Boyd staked $220,000 and walked away with twice that.

The Tale of Charles Wells

Charles Wells is another big roulette winner. Way back in 1891, Wells headed to Monte Carlo’s casino, where he began playing roulette. In a record that is unlikely to be easily beaten, he reportedly won twenty-three out of thirty spins. Winning almost a million francs (an immense sum back then) wasn’t enough. He returned a few years later and cleaned them out for a similar figure again.

Ashley Revell


Back to the modern era now, and we should discuss Ashley Revell. In 2014, Revell used his life savings, sold his house, his car, and everything else to amass a stack of $135,000, and he bet it all on red. He doubled his worth in just a few moments. Revell is a firm example of no guts, no glory. We can safely say we wouldn’t follow in his footsteps, though.

Pedro Grendene Bartelle

Our record winner here is Pedro Grendene Bartelle. In 2017, the Uruguayan won $3.5 million playing French Roulette at the Hotel Conrad. He splashed most of his chips on 32 while simultaneously covering the wheel. More impressively, he did this with $350. In a few moments, it would become $3.5 million. If you know what you’re doing with French Roulette, its La Partage and En Prison rules, and study covering the wheel, then as Bartelle has shown, there are ample opportunities for you to pick up impressive wins playing roulette online.

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