There are a lot of things that divide the gaming community. Console vs desktop, MSI vs Nvidia, AMD vs Intel, RGB vs no RGB – the list goes on and on. While a lot of us are torn between gaming platforms, genres, and aesthetics, we all agree that comfort and quality are essential to building the perfect gaming room. From peripherals to lighting and furniture, you can do a lot of things to increase your immersion during your gaming sessions.

Maybe you haven’t thought much about it, but there are a lot of products that you can add to raise your comfort and add more layers to the level of your gaming experience.

Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is one of the best investments that you can make for your gaming room. Not only does it add to the gamer aesthetic, but the best gaming chair will also have a very positive impact on your health. With good lumbar support, adjustable height, and a customizable backrest, you can get as comfortable as possible, ensuring correct posture during those longer gaming sessions. And, let’s face it, with everything that’s been happening in the past few weeks, long gaming sessions seem like the go-to activity for after work hours and weekends.

When you’re shopping for gaming chairs, then try looking for high-end or mid-range models. If you go for something that’s from a lower tier of products, then you risk getting something that’s not that sturdy, doesn’t have adjustable settings, and has poor support for your back and neck. These chairs can have a negative impact on your health, so it’s better to get a good office chair over a poorly-made gaming chair.

Gaming Desk

Similar to a gaming chair, a gaming desk comes with a plethora of features that help you add a good dose of cohesion to your gaming setup. With built-in cable management options, adjustable height, and a sleek design, gaming desks are the best choice for any gamer out there.

When shopping for a gaming desk, make sure that your desired model has all of the features you’re interested in. RGB lighting, storage, cable management slots, materials, these are all things that you should consider before making a definitive

RGB Lighting Strips

When you’re personalizing your gaming room, planning out the perfect mood is hard. RGB lighting strips can really add a good dose of character to your setup. With an RGB controller, you can dim or increase the light intensity from your phone, choose a pattern that suits you or that matches your PC’s pattern, and customize your surroundings based on the game you’re currently playing. Increase the warmer tones, add a cool tint to your walls, have lighting that’s going to always match your mood.

Smart Devices

Us gamers don’t want to be bothered when we’re playing with the boys. Pimping out your pad with smart devices like the Alexa, smart light bulbs, a smart doorbell with an integrated camera will turn your phone into the command deck for your entire house. Control the level of lighting in each room, answer the door via video, plan out your day with voice commands, you will never have to go offline to do chores.

Building a smart home environment isn’t a new idea, but the competitiveness in the smart home segment has caused an increase in quality, offer, and affordability when it comes to smart devices. Pick an array of devices that matches your needs and turn your boring outdated home into a modern gamer cavern.

Showcase Your Trinkets, Posters, and Memorabilia

Whether you’re a lover of the fantasy genre or a hardcore fan of a gaming franchise, you have to get yourself some merch. Figurines, posters, memorabilia from events, these are all objects that will give your gaming room a good dose of authenticity and will help you showcase your personality in a safe, judge-free environment. Pick a nice case, put up some shelves, add some cool lighting, and give your valuables the attention they deserve.


There are plenty of ways to add more personality to your gaming room. Whether you want to add more smart elements to your home or want to extend your PC’s gamer aesthetic to your entire gaming room, there are plenty of solutions to do so. Set a budget, find items that’ll seamlessly fit in with your existing items, and you’re bound to impress your friends the next time you play some good ol’ hot seat games.

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