For the best streaming experience, you need to be equipped with a subscription to one or more streaming apps such as Netflix, fast-speed cheap internet plans, and most essentially a Smart TV. So, how would you choose the best Smart TV considering the large pool of highly advanced technology all around you?

Here are a bunch of important questions that can help make an informed decision about the best smart TV for streaming purposes, so that you enjoy your tech stock news on a high-quality TV screen.

How To Pick The Best Smart Tv For Streaming

  • TV Size

TV size

The most important consideration is the TV size. These days a 32 or 40 inch TV might not be the most ideal pick, as we already have smaller screens in the form of laptops and tablets with us. If you are investing in another screen for streaming purposes, then go for anything bigger than 40 inches.

Of course, the size will also greatly depend on the space you have available and your personal preferences. The larger the size, the pricier it is. For this reason, you must choose the TV size very precisely.

Secondly, other than the width, you should also look for a TV that has a thin frame as this increases the actual screen size and gives an excellent view. Older models tend to have thick borders, giving them an unattractive look. More sleek and trimmed TVs are now easily available for you to enjoy.



There are two types of displays you can get: LED and OLED. LED screens have a backlight that turns on or off and displays the picture through it. It is very similar to the conventional LCD screen that simply includes a backlight. Meanwhile, OLED uses lots of tiny pixels that come together, turn on and off and make a crisp picture for you to see. OLEDs are meant to be a lot clearer, brighter, and vibrant.

OLED works much better in low-lit conditions, making it ideal for dark rooms and night-time movie sessions. Since OLED uses more advanced technology, it is also slightly pricier than LED. Lastly, due to backlight, LED’s might have a slightly lower contrast while OLEDs are much darker and have deeper, richer colors.

In terms of view, picture quality, and benefits, OLED is definitely the better pick. However, it can cost you a little more.

  • Accessories And Extra Features

The TV’s basic operating system, along with its obvious features such as size and resolution is very important. However, it’s the extra features and accessories that add much more value to the purchase.

Your SmartTV must be well-equipped with accessories such as cables and extra batteries for the remote. HDMI and audio cables can actually allow you to use the TV with other devices like stream a downloaded movie from your laptop directly on the TV screen. Moreover, the cables you get from the manufacturer itself are a lot more durable, higher quality, and reliable.

Other than extra cables, you must check for wall mounts and table-top mounts for the TV. Check whether or not a TV comes with necessary screws and other installment pieces that you might need to put together. If not, does the company provide professional installation services? Installation can become a huge headache if there are not many resources available.

Other extra features you can look for include a voice assistance feature in the SmartTV’s remote. Check the remote’s quality and if it has programmable buttons or not. Screen mirroring, the number of ports, light indicators, and even the warranty of the TV are all value-adding features you must consider.

Best Brands To Buy From


TCL is a Chinese manufacturer of electronics. Its most popular product range is the Smart TVs. The company excels in manufacturing and selling products including Air conditioners, LED TVs, OLED TVs, UHD TVs, and Standard LEDs too. When compared to giant brands like Samsung and Sony, TCL might not have enough high-end products, but it is a great budget-range brand that can offer you a bunch of Smart TVs that are equipped with all the advanced technology. The biggest advantage of TCL is its license with Roku, and how you get many Roku streaming benefits. One common feature of the TCL Smart TV is its voice-controlled remote that also has a direct “Netflix” button. The TVs come with pre-installed apps that are essential for streaming purposes.


Samsung smart tv

With Samsung, you will find a range of high-end products with low budget ranges as well, making it a great choice overall. Ideally, a Samsung Smart TV will last for up to 5 to 7 years. Even though it’s a huge brand with lots of excellence, Samsung’s Smart TV still has the QLED technology that is not the best when compared with LG’s OLED technology.


Since LG manufactures its TVs from scratch, particularly the display panels, it is one of the top-rated brands that you can benefit from for streaming purposes. If you are buying from LG, the best thing to do is to buy its OLED screens. The brand is relatively older in the market and needs practically no introduction for the remarkable product range it has!

The Final Note

The streaming landscape is humungous. It starts from some of the best, top-rated movies premiering on platforms like Netflix and HBO MAX to major news updates on these digital streaming platforms. While our mobile screens and laptops have become our on-the-go partners, Smart TVs have definitely become a necessity if you are a user of digital streaming platforms. Don’t forget to check out the best, most suitable fast-speed internet plans from Buytvinternetphone to accompany you in your streaming sessions.

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