Google works in strange ways. While a large number of smartphones are still waiting for the April 2017 Android security patch, it recently came to light that some Google Pixel XL devices are getting a test build of the mat 2017 Android Security Patch already. The Android Security Patch usually rolls out for the users around the first week of every month, usually in the first couple of days.  This was a rather curious case. Let us take a closer look.

A few hours ago, some users began getting an update, which was quite a surprise. The update has been rolling out only for the users of the Google Pixel XL. The update that came out for these users was just 62 MB in size. However it does not appear that this was something that Google actually intended to do, but might have accidentally rolled out to the users. The software update states that it is meant for internal use and that the details regarding the update are confidential.

There’s nothing quite exciting about this update though. It is just a security patch and it brings forward no new features, but actually has minor security updates. Those who installed it might actually end up facing some bugs rather than getting the security fixes that they thought they would as the update is not ready for a public release yet.

It still remains unclear as to how this update reached the users at large. As of now all we know is that this build of the May 2017 Android Security Patch was meant for the Pixel XL users, and not the Pixel users. This could perhaps mean that the May 2017 Android Security Patch was one of the better kept confidential updates of Google. It was just a mistimed update, and might as well be rolled back by Google in the hours to follow. However, in just a couple of weeks, the actual build for the May 2017 Android Security Patch should be rolling out.