Most Modern Cities in The World

Technology is constantly developing and as it does, so too do our lives as they revolve around it. There are cities all over the world that have embraced new advancements in technology, to the point that with a lot of them, it can be difficult to tell between what is real and what is a still from a sci-fi movie. They are certainly worth visiting, merely to get lost in the technological advancements that they embrace. As such, here is a list of some of the most technologically advanced and modern cities in the world.

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco

There is absolutely plenty to do in California and if you would like a full run down of your options then you can read more about them here; however, something that is an absolute must for any tech nut is to visit San Francisco. San Francisco is one of the most innovative and modern cities in the world as it is socially progressive as thousands work in the IT industry in order to create the next big app that will change the world. San Francisco is home to the famous district Silicon Valley, which hundreds of tech companies, from giants such as Facebook, Google and Apple and also more independent and industry disrupting start-ups call home. The city continues to churn out creativity and innovation with technology, which makes it an incredibly exciting place to be.

Tokyo, Japan


It could be easy to think when you gaze at the rising skyscrapers and beautiful flickering lights that Tokyo is just a pretty skyline, but it is so much more than that. Tokyo is filled with some of the newest technology in the world. An absolute powerhouse when it comes to the likes of smartphone technology, robotics and automobiles, Tokyo is famous for being one of (if not the) most advanced city in the entire world. There is already a lot to do in Tokyo, but if you’re a fan of technology, the possibilities really are endless as a walk down the street could lead you to meet a robot, come across the world’s tallest tower or even wander into an electronics store that is six stories tall.

Tallinn, Estonia


It was only in 1991 that Estonia gained independence from Russia and even though it missed out on the very beginning of the technological revolution, that has not stopped it from making up on lost time. The country dived headfirst into the technological developments that were happening and the capital is now home to a range of different tech companies, from large organisations to smaller start-ups.

Their implementation of tech into everyday life came earlier than a lot of cities as in 2002 the government installed a free WiFi network that covered populated areas and they also made e-voting a common thing as of 2007. When you consider the likes of 3G and 4G getting started in countries like the US, you realise just how slow that process was because high-speed data connections were set up In Estonia as early as 2012.

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