Since cell phones can be quite expensive, it is good to take good care of them. Taking good care of your phone will help increase its lifespan. I am sure that most of the people out there don’t have the means to purchase a new phone when their phone breaks. This is true especially if the phone is not insured.

Cell phones are beneficial in many ways: they are handy tools in emergencies and can help you stay connected with others. It is good to ensure that your cell phone lasts for a long period of time so that it will be there to help you whenever you need it the most.

Here are tips for taking care of your cell phone:

1. Choose a Good Case for Your Phone

A good phone case is an important phone accessory as it protects phones against accidental drops. This can increase your phone’s lifespan. When looking for a phone case, choose one with the impact-absorbing technology that provides ample protection. You should also make sure that the case you choose is specifically designed for your phone type.

Doing this will help you choose a case that perfectly fits your phone. The fact that your phone (just like any other phone) has a fragile screen that can shatter with impact means that you should look for a phone case with a screen protector. The phone case you choose should also have a comfortable grip design and a sleek and slim profile like BodyGuardz iPhone 6 cases.

2. Protect Your Phone’s Battery

Smartphone batteries are usually the first to go. Therefore, it is good to take good care of your smartphone batteries to make your cell phone last for a longer period of time. Constantly charging your cell phone can reduce the lifespan of its battery. That is why it is good to charge your phone when it gets to 1%.

Don’t wait for your battery to overcharge as charging smartphone batteries too long can cause the batteries to degrade. It is good to take your phone off the charger when it reaches 100% or before it is charged to 100%. Avoid waiting for your battery to reach 0% to charge it since this can make your cell phone’s battery unstable.

3. Ensure That Your Phone Is Always Clean

Dirt and debris can reduce the lifespan of your phone. As such, it is good to clean your phone from time to time. Remember that dirt and debris accumulate on the surface and ports of your phone over time. If the phone is never cleaned, the dirt and debris can cause the phone to malfunction.

Cleaning your phone using an air pressure canister and wiping it afterward with a cloth is the best way to get rid of dirt and debris that accumulates on your phone’s surface and ports. Apart from increasing your phone’s lifespan, cleaning your phone increases your phone’s resell value.

4. Keep Your Cell Phone Within Its Operating Temperature

It is important to ensure that your phone stays within its operating temperature as a phone cannot function properly when it is too hot or too cold. Never leave your phone in direct sunlight as high temperatures can cause it to overheat. Extreme heat can damage your cell phone’s battery and lead to the frying of the processor. 

On the other hand, extreme winter conditions are not good for your phone as it is not good for your phone’s LCD screen, can damage your battery and cause your phone to malfunction. Never leave your phone in your vehicle on very hot or very cold days.

5.Recycle Your Old Phone

The best way to recycle your old phone is to sell it. Some websites buy old phones. So, check them out and look for a reputable one. Just check how much your phone is worth on these websites and if you are ok with the price, send your phone and earn some cash for your phone. Check out these iPhone 11 deals for your new phone.

Apart from these sites, many organizations take old phones to protect the environment. Inappropriate disposal of phones causes environmental pollution and can negatively affect environmental quality.

Take good care of your phone so that it can serve you for a long time. Never keep it around sticky surfaces or surfaces with water. Also, handle it with care. Remember that phones are quite expensive, so use a good phone case to protect your phone.

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