Phones have been vital instruments for the sales and marketing departments for decades. Companies have been using them to cold-call customers since the early half of the last century. Many businesses still have an outbound call center that makes calls to existing and prospective customers. Companies need to cold call for several purposes, such as:

  • Generate fresh leads
  • Following up on the leads
  • Nurturing inbound leads
  • Conducting market research and surveys

In the earlier days, calling was done manually. However, companies rely on different types of software these days to take care of various business activities. You may be using software for accounting, employee time tracking, payroll, or any other business operations at your company.

But if your agents still cold call your customers manually, your business might be suffering.

These are some telltale signs that it is time to switch to an autodialer

Lower Productivity

When your agents call manually, they can only get 20-25 minutes per hour to talk to the customers. The rest of the time gets wasted due to call constraints such as misdials, wait times, dropped calls, and several others. Your agents also have to spend a lot of time entering data on spreadsheets.

With the right auto dialer software, your agents will spend more time talking to the customers. The software will filter out busy tones, voicemails, and unreachable numbers to ensure that successfully connected calls get transferred to your agents. It will improve their productivity remarkably, which we reflect on your company’s revenue generation.

Auto dialers can also import the phone numbers from a list of leads on a CRM software with a minimal configuration that will reduce the time wasted by the agents on downloading and printing the spreadsheets. It will also reduce the risk of human errors while manually writing or calling phone numbers.

Lower Lead Conversion Ratios

Have you been noticing a steady decline in the number is lead conversions? That is because most people do not like getting cold calls these days. When using a manual dialing system, the agents would not know any customer details that could serve as a conversation starter.

However, when your agents use an intelligent auto dialer software, it becomes part of the intricate sales process and provides high-value leads. It will bring agility to the entire operations of the outbound calling process. The best auto dialer software has several advanced features that give a preview of the customer’s contact details before your agent engages in the call.

It enables the agent to engage in personalized conversation with the customer. That will help them create a better rapport and improve the conversion rates significantly.

Insufficient Monitoring and Reports

Are you having difficulty getting insights into your call center operations and the daily performance of your agents? Manual dialing systems do not offer real-time monitoring information to the business owner, which means you have to rely on manual methods to get details about an agent’s performance.

Auto-dialer software offers customizable reports, which will enable you to monitor your agents’ real-time performance. That way, your agents will also be able to identify the problems instantly and rectify them. Auto-dialer software also offers several other useful features that allow you to train new agents.

Your managers and supervisors can listen to the calls, speak to the agent while the call is ongoing, and even join in if required. Managers can listen to recorded calls and provide required inputs to the agents. That way, you can keep track of the essential call center metrics and KPIs with the help of auto-dialers.

Constant Risk of Compliance Violation

Are you always scared that one of your agents will make an error in calling a number, and you might have to face the legal consequences? Despite regular training, agents can make a mistake while dialing the phone number and violate DNC (do not call) guidelines. Such errors can prove very costly for your business, and you might have to face a fine of up to $15,000 per violation.

With an auto-dialer software, you can rest assured that you will not have to face any such legal charges since the software gets regular updates for the list of DNC phone numbers. Additionally, the software will also ensure that your company abides by the restrictions passed by the Telephone Consumers Protection Act (TCPA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Generic Voicemails

With manual dialing methods, your agents will have to leave scripted generic voicemails that will lower your conversion rates. Auto-dialers software gives you the flexibility to customize the voicemail messages.

You can also record multiple messages for different purposes to demonstrate personalization of service and improve inbound leads. However, make sure that voice messages are specific to your target market.

If you still follow manual cold calling methods, you are bound to have noticed these signs at your organization. We suggest that you shift to auto-dialer software immediately. There are several options to choose from with varied features that can meet all your call center needs.

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