Super Mario is one of the most played childhood games. It isn’t just a game, it carries a lot of memories of our childhood. I used to play this game with my brother for so long. If I still had time to set up a video game and play this game, I’d definitely do it again!

When Apple launched the iPhone 7, a lot of other things were launched too. One of the most loved launches is the Super Mario Run game. It was launched exclusively for the iPhone devices. After the launch, it was said that the company is working on an android version of the game too.

Recently, Newsient, a Tech News site reported saying the Super Mario won’t be released for the android operating system as Nintendo is worried about piracy. The site also reports that they aren’t planning to stop the release, but they are holding the release date and working out with Google for solving this issue.

Nintendo is one among the companies which believes that Android is inferior to iOS and thinks that the pirated apps and games for the android operating system can be easily found, which is actually true. The company is planning to launch the Super Mario Run game for $9.99 on the Google Play Store if the piracy related problem gets solved.

For the time being, nothing can be said about the release date, but if Nintendo and Google together work it out, then we will surely be able to play the Super Mario Run game on Android OS too!

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