Ever since Super Mario Run was announced at the Apple event back in the September of last year, it has been a game that has captured the imagination of hundreds of millions of people. The game adds the excitement of Mario to an age-old concept, and brings a refreshing change to endless runners. The game was announced to ‘soon’ release for the Android OS too, and has been on a pre-registration phase for many months now. However, we finally have a date! Super Mario Run will arrive on the Google Play Store on the 23rd of March now.

The game arrived on the iOS back in December, and after nearly four months of wait, the announcement has finally been made. Super Mario Run for android is less than a week away! The announcement was made by Nintendo America on Twitter. The game is one of the most awaited games on the Play Store in a long time. We knew it was coming in March, however no date was announced till today.

Super Mario Run is expected to be placed into the Play Store in similar manner as it has been in the App Store for Apple users. The game will be free to download and play for up to ten levels. Following that the users would have to pay a one-time amount of $10, after which the game would be free to play, with no extra charges whatsoever! While other games tend to have in-app purchases and other similar extra expenses, Super Mario Run has a one-time fee and gives a complete access.

The game comes with the classic design style where 2D stages with 3D graphics are present. Nintendo gamers are well aware of how things work in their worlds. The game is not just another endless runner but features some well thought of mechanics that power it. If you’ve ¬†been awaiting the game, it’s time to get even more excited now.