In this high-end, logical thought provocative era, people are more inclined about careers in data analytics to correlate events rationally to ascertain the cause of problems and offer possible solutions.

This is what gave birth to what is known today as “data analytics”. It involves examining the information embedded in any data that require highly-skilled professionals to take charge.

Careers in Data Analytics

Take a look at the following skills that you should know of to achieve success in the field of data analytics.

careers in data analytics
Data Analytics Career

Required Skills for Data Analytics Career Are:

  1. AnalyticalAnalytics skills are considered of huge importance within the realm of data analysis. This entails the ability of an individual to gather, view and analyse all types of information in depth. I further indicate the capability to view a challenge or particular situation from different perspectives. Data-based analytics skills make it possible for professionals to address problems by making decisions in the most appropriate way. if you aspire to become a successful data analyst, start working towards improving your data analytics skills and thinking to build up your career in data analytics.
  2. Numeracy – This comprises a wide range of mathematical skills from possessing a good grounding of figures and numbers to understand the relationships existing between them. You must employ this skill to mathematical data of any kind. Numeracy skills is sure to make you proficient in organising information, scheduling budget, keeping up with the latest trends, and measuring and analysing data that are graphical information based.
  3. Technical – Efficient computer technology skills are highly demanded by employers in the data analytics sector. Additionally, it is good if you possess a basic knowledge of statistics to back up your skills for data analytics career. Invest time in getting yourself familiarised with familiar with some computer software, tools and programming.

Some Tools for Careers in Data Analytics:

careers in data analytics
Tools for Careers in Data Analytics
    • Scripting language (Matlab or Python);
    • Querying Language (SQL, Hive or Pig);
    • Spreadsheet (Excel);
    • Statistical Language (SAS, R or SPSS);
    • Javascript (XML);
    • Big data tools (Spark or Hive HQL).
  1. Observational – Paying attention to details is yet another quality that is expected of all data analyst, no matter the business intelligence type they are involved with. This is because if you possess good observational skills, it is likely that you will be able to easily spot hidden links and unwind their meaning. Observational skills will also allow you to develop problem solving skills and making quick decisions, thereby lowering the risk of making errors.
  2. Communication – Acquiring a data analytics job will need you to be an excellent communicator. You will mostly have to engage in activities such as facilitating meetings, making the right requests and be an active listener in order to assimilate new information for data analytics career. Depending upon the business innovation you are associated with, you may have to connect to the management, users, developers and clients, via internet, conference calls, SMS among others.

To know more about the expertise a qualifications required to launch you careers in data analytics, pursue M.Sc in Data Analytics as you postgraduate degree and also know more from our technology archive. Apart from that, you can also consider doing data analyst internships that can be found on job boards like Jooble to boost your knowledge and gain first experience for your future CV.

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