Due to the COVID19 pandemic, store owners across the globe have had to re-think their marketing strategies. Attracting foot traffic inside the stores has never been harder. However, techniques like no-entry shopping, curbside pickups, and in-store pickups have worked in their favor during this period. That’s why store owners are now using pole banners.

According to recent studies, in-store pickups have increased by 300% compared to pre-pandemic levels. Customers basically order whatever they want from the store either via phone calls or by communicating from outside the stores. The store operators pack the items ordered by the customer and leave them for pickup outside the store.

Although these contactless transaction techniques have led to increased purchases, these techniques have one major loophole. How can a person who is passing by the store know what that store has to offer? To resolve this issue of not being able to inform consumers properly, store owners have started using pole banners.

What is a Pole Banner?

What is a Pole Banner

A pole banner (also known as a street or lamppost banner) is one of the most efficient marketing tools for store owners. These tools are used to announce store opening events, launch new products/services, and inform the masses about the brand. These pole banners are made of high-quality materials that are perfect for outdoor use.

They also feature very light metal frames that help maintain the banner’s structure. Since these banners are extremely cost-efficient, store owners haven’t had much trouble using them for promoting their stores during the pandemic. Here’s why these banners are so great for store owners –

Ideal for Announcing Special Offers

Unlike other complicated marketing tools, a pole banner is extremely easy to install, assemble, and disassemble. On top of that, they’re cost-efficient and customizable. So, store owners can customize these banners and add any piece of relevant information. For example, if the store is hosting a spring sale, they can use these banners to make relevant announcements.

These customizable banners are also extremely space-efficient. Multiple banners can be installed in front of the store. They’re made of extremely durable vinyl materials, so they don’t deteriorate in quality even after experiencing long periods of exposure to external elements.

Ideal for Communicating with Customers

Ideal for Communicating with Customers

Lamppost banners have always been great tools for greeting incoming customers. At a time when the average consumer is slightly afraid to enter brick-and-mortar stores, these banners can help them cheer up and feel relaxed. Store owners can also custom print details about all the safety measures they’ve adopted on these banners.

Such simple messages help store owners regain public trust. If you add lamppost banners featuring cheerful messages such as “happy holidays” right next to the banners that display the safety-related details, your store is guaranteed to receive high levels of foot traffic.

Set Up Safe Spaces – Inside and Outside the Store

Set Up Safe Spaces – Inside and Outside the Store

Store owners can custom-print social distancing rules on their lamppost banners. Consumers can use this information to understand what codes of conduct apply when they are near or inside the store. Other important brand-related information, such as the store’s contact number, email ID, etc., can also be custom-printed on these banners.

Overall, these banners offer store owners the most practical and affordable solutions for welcoming and informing customers!

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