Who doesn’t like Android OS updates? A lot of people love Android OS updates. Android update brings the flavour of the latest Android version to your Device. Do you know how to stop android software update? Many updates are available to get rid of bugs & broken features. There may be plenty of reasons as to why you may not want your Samsung phone to update.

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How to Stop Android Software Update?

Be it a protection for your rooted phone or just some minor update which you do not really desire in your phone, or maybe it can be “No Data Pack”. You might have heard the update is buggy. Hence, you just want to ignore these updates.

The OTA update notification that is encountered every time you swipe down your notification panel can be annoying and undesirable. Getting rid of the OS update notifications is simple and quick.

How to stop android software update? Completely Fed up of the Update notifications? There are two methods in which you can disable/hide the android os update/software update on your Samsung smartphone. However, one of the methods would require you to root your android and the method 2 will hide the software update notification.

How to Disable Android OS Updates Permanently on Samsung Devices?

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Method 1: Rooted Users Only

  1. Download a File Explorer app – Root Explorer & ES Explorer which can access the root directory.
  2. On your Samsung device, download and install a file explorer app like Root Explorer, File Explorer that are to access the root directories of the phone.
  3. Open the file explorer app.
  4. Go to System Folder > Etc > Security
  5. Among the given range of options in the Security subfolder, select the file ‘Otacerts.zip’. In the file explorer, select the ‘rename’ option.
  6. Rename the “Otacerts.zip” to “Otacerts.zip.bak” and then reboot the device. If the need to enable OTA updates arises in the future then you can simply rename the file back to its original name.

How to Disable Android OS Update Notification on Samsung Smartphone?

There might be situations where the software update or android OS update notification is constantly bugging you. Here is how to stop android software update, and here is an easy way to get rid of the software update notification.

Method 2: Stop Android OS Update Notification

If you don’t want to disable the OTA functionality then you can just follow the steps listed below to disable and hide the Android OS update notification from the notification panel.

  • Turn on your Samsung Android smartphone.
  • Swipe down, the notification panel will appear.
  • Long press on the OTA update notification.
  • Tap on the “I” button.
  • Deselect ‘Block Option’ to disable Android OS update notifications.

That’s all. The update notification from your device must have disappeared now!

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