Hearing 25000 devices getting sold out in 3 seconds is a new news these days, This trend began with Xiaomi’s MI3 smartphone and is still in action. The A6000 is one of the best smartphones when it comes to budget smartphones. Rooting the smartphones is like playing with your smartphones these days. Previously one had to wait for months to get a rooting guide, but these days the very next day after release the rooting guides are ready.


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Android is an open source operating system based on Linux Kernel, and to perform certain actions like installing custom OS, overclocking the CPU, tweaking the android phone permissions from the SuperUser is required. The superuser is a special user whose permissions are required when you are trying to get into the internal of Android.

How to Root Lenovo A6000 Easily?

It’s already known that rooting devices from certain brands voids the warranty. The Lenovo A6000 have great specs and works smooth. However, like water is required by living beings for survival, Android geeks can’t survive without rooting. In this guide you will be guided with steps to root your Lenovo A6000 Easily, so even if you are very new to Android, you’ll be able to root your Lenovo A6000 at an ease.

Disclaimer : Neither Droidmen nor the Author will be responsible in case any damage takes place while or after following this guide. 

Things Required

  • Lenovo A6000 Smartphones.
  • 80% Battery charge or more than it.
  • Custom Recovery Installed.(TWRP Recovery Recommended)
  • Download  Root-SuperSU-v2.37.zip.


  1. Download the Root SuperSU from the link provided in the things required section, if you’ve already download then skip this step.
  2. Transfer the SuperSU Zip File in the Internal or External storage of the phone.
  3. Boot into recovery mode by pressing “Power + Volume Up + Volume Down” for few seconds and release the buttons as soon as the boot screen appears.
  4. Depending on the recovery installed : Click on Install Zip and select the SuperSU Zip file which you downloaded and click on install. That’s it, now clear cache and dalvik cache and reboot into system (Reboot your Smartphone)
  5. That’s it you’ve successfully rooted your Lenovo A6000.

Was it difficult to follow? Did we miss something? Let us know and we will try our best to help you, Wait its not the end! How do you know whether the guide worked i.e. How do you check whether your Lenovo A6000 is rooted or not? Go to playstore and download the Root checker app and install it, Run it and check the root status of your Lenovo A6000? Rooted eh? Yureka you’ve done it!

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