With 6.378 billion smartphones globally in 2021, mobile apps have become tools of ultimate convenience for customers to enjoy . However, developing an app that clicks with the market isn’t as easy as ABC. You’ll need to research the most profitable business ideas and the likely trends in business and technology in the foreseeable future.

We’ll outline areas with immense potential to help you incubate ideas on startup apps.

Let’s delve in.

Why Should You Start To Create An App?

Reasons Businesses Are Turning Towards Mobile And Mobile Apps

The reasons why you should consider a business creating apps are immense.

1. Convenience is fast becoming king

There’s a growing modern culture that seeks instant solutions and thrives on convenience that’s mostly technology-driven. This forms a fertile context that you can leverage to create apps. The proliferation of smartphones worldwide also drives up demand for apps as customers want to access business conveniently.

2. Faster technology with the emergence of 5G

Advancements in technology have made connectivity even faster. This provides an environment that can support the development of complex apps that feature audiovisual components.

3. Marketing made easier

Apps are an attractive way for businesses to jolt their marketing initiatives while pushing down their costs. When a business has an app, customers bypass a call center to make a purchasing decision or access a support function. That makes marketing cheaper.

4. Drive customer loyalty

The convenience of interacting with a business via a mobile app makes shopping a breeze. Such touchpoints create stickiness and drive loyalty as the business is literally at the client’s fingertips.

5. Sectors experiencing high growth in need of technological support

Some of the most profitable business areas experiencing tremendous growth drive the demand for innovative mobile solutions to serve their customers. Examples of businesses with steep growth include fintech, health, travel, gaming, and eLearning.

Some Great Mobile Apps Ideas To Begin

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1. Health apps

Health apps, also referred to as mobile health (Mheath) are rapidly gaining traction as people become more health-conscious. Health apps are a big hit whether for child care, weight loss management, diagnostic purposes, data storage, mental health tools, or nutritional information.

Wearables such as fitness trackers or bands and smartwatches are a smash-hit for fitness fans. mHealth users range from patients, health institutions and medical professions.

2. Chatbots

The escalating demand for chatbots is based on the need to automate customer service functions. Chatbots widen the channels through which customers can reach a business for purchase or support purposes. Besides, chatbots are available 24/7 and provide rapid and precise answers to client queries. You can build chatbots for startups that intend to automate their customer service.

3. Travel apps with AR and VR components

Tourists, hotels, and other hospitality establishments will benefit immensely from apps that take potential tourists on a virtual tour of their accommodation and facilities. This would help solve the problem of tourists who complain of getting a raw deal once they get to their capacity compared with the photos on the company’s website.

4. eLearning apps

As more colleges and schools offer remote and online classes, so does the need for eLearning apps. If you’re keen to note the prevailing trends, you can develop a successful eLearning app.

5. Local food delivery app

Shifting user preferences and the need for convenience has driven up the need for food delivery services. Restaurants and food delivery companies are cashing in on the craze for home and office food deliveries and therein lies the opportunity for an app to support this demand.

Where And How To Start To Build Your Own Startup Apps?

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Having established some of the most profitable business areas, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and develop the app.

Let’s explore some pertinent tips you need to consider.

  • Conduct research to establish if the financial feasibility of the app; how will it make money, who are your competitors, and the budget for developing the app
  • Select the right mobile development platform for your app; android, apple, or hybrid?
  • Build your app and test to verify it works flawlessly
  • Register your app on Google Play or App Store.
  • Choose if you’ll work with an app developer or will develop your app in-house.
  • Launch your app strategically when your service is likely to be in great demand.


There are numerous startup apps that you can develop to meet the demand in the most profitable business niches. Research areas with tremendous potential and create apps to invigorate the marketing initiatives of businesses.

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