How can you be sure your spouse isn’t cheating on you? How can you be sure your children aren’t constantly viewing unsavory Internet sites, and how can you be sure your employees aren’t robbing you of your time and equipment when you’re not there? The answer is to download and use Spyfone software to get answers.

The advantages of Spy app

With Spyfone you Eliminate a Private Investigator

People always stress and think that they need a private investigator to watch what certain people are getting up to. The truth is that spyfone is actually a free download. You can then use it to monitor activity on not only one phone, but several if you wish.

There is just one thing you need to know about tracking someone’s actions. Phone tracker can’t be used to secretly get data from someone’s mobile phone without the user’s consent.

So basically, downloading phone tracker on a phone without the knowledge of the person is illegal. To prevent unlawful use of phone tracker, an icon appears on the phone to show that the app has in fact been downloaded.

A notification will also appear on the phone informing the user of the phone that data on the phone is being remotely monitored.

The installation allows immediate monitoring

Once you’ve installed the software, parents, spouses and employers can monitor data from the person’s smartphone and the data collected is available night and day. You need to have physical possession of the smartphone that the software will be installed on.

The beauty of spyfone is that you’ll have access to an amazing number of features on the phone that you are tracking. You’ll be able to review text messages, check out where the phone has been,  look at the call history and have notifications to the phone recorded for you.

One useful feature for those who suspect their spouse is cheating on them, is to be able to send the target phone fake messages from others.

Access to Apps

Any app on the phone is accessible to you with SpyFone. You can have access to apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, SnapChat, Gmail and others.  Not only can you access these apps, but spyfone also downloads the data from the apps which is useful if you need them to support your case if you go to court.

One huge feature is that there is a Keylogger app that can be used to obtain the usernames and passwords to any account that the user logs into. If they’re visiting a dating site for instance, SpyFone will give you the username and password that they used for the website.

Get wise with Spyfone

It is important to be aware of the legalities of all the things you can do, but the thing is there is plenty of possibilities with the amazing Spyfone software.