Over the past several years, there have been many brands which were previously known for their dominance in the consumer electronics markets, but have moved into the smartphone markets. While some names like Samsung have been highly successful, others might not have enjoyed the same level of glory. Sony’s mobile phone division – Sony Mobile, happens to be one brand which has been a part of the mobile phone markets for a while, but ever since the Android revolution, the company has been going through quite a few ups and downs.

At a recent investor meet, Sony Mobile has now confirmed that it will now begin to focus less on markets which have not been as productive as they thought it would be. The company has particularly named India, China, US and Brazil as markets where their performance has not been up to the mark.

According to Sony Mobile, their business is expected to grow only 0.3% in these markets and they have hence decided to ‘defocus’, in order to get a significant reduction in their operating losses, the company will be slowly reducing business in these countries. Furthermore, according to Sony Mobile, Latin America and Asia Pacific markets have been among some of their better regions where goals have been met, and the company intends to preserve their business there.

After reducing focus from India, US, China and Brazil, Sony Mobile is now likely to focus more on the Middle East, Europe, and their home markets in Japan, where the business is expected to boom. One of the slides from Sony’s presentation reads:

“Sony’s priority is to focus on markets where Sony can leverage its strengths to ensure profitability improvements.” In another slide, the company notes, “Sony to maintain its core focus in the high value-added segment and develop its business through product differentiation, since players that can offer high value-added smartphones globally are limited.”

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