Everyone has been waiting for the Android Lollipop Updates for their Respective Devices, but haven’t got, Meanwhile the ROM developers have started releasing their Custom ROMs based on Android Lollipop. Cyanogen released the CM12 Android Lollipop ROMs for 31 Devices just few days back and many other ROM developers have started making their own Custom ROMs based on CyanogenMod 12.

I was using Resurrection Remix Android Lollipop ROM on my Galaxy S3 and found many issues such as slow app loading and cache issues, but that didn’t affect me much, as they were solved just by a reboot. But the Alarm Bug in the CM12 based ROMs can’t be solved, I tried clearing the app data, I did clear the cache, and even tried changing the time settings, but I wasn’t able to find a solution to the Alarm Not working Bug in CM12 Based Custom ROMs. Well, the clock app won’t work, but I’ve found an alternate solution which can help you wake early or remind you of Something you wanted to do during that point of time.

Steps : Temporary Solution to Alarm Bug – CM12 Based ROMs

cm12 alarm bug fix

  1. Open PlayStore and Search or directly Download Alarm Clock Xtreme Free from PlayStore.
  2. Once Downloaded at the Bottom of the App, you would find an Add Alarm Option, Click on it and Set the Time.
  3. Select the Ringtone and Untick “Volume Crescendo” as it produces less voice which might be of no use and might not help you wake up.

That’s it, You’re done! You’ve successfully added Alarm in CM12 Based Android Lollipop ROM (Link for S3). This works Fine and is better compared to another Alarm Producing Android Apps as it allows you to select your own Ringtone, It allows you to manage the sound level and other than that it has a very easy to use interface which makes it easy and quick to set an alarm.

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