A small gaming keyboard is an important part of your gaming weaponry and in spite of the keyboards’ compact smallness, they still come with well-made keys and other important features such as macro-command customization.

You will not get the most out of your gaming PC until you get yourself the best gaming keyboard. After all, after the investment you have made to be able to play the best possible game, it would be a shame not to get the best gaming experience.

The best gaming keyboards offer much more than flashy RGB lighting. They will really give you an edge in the game, giving you greater precision, speed, and performance, as well as making you enjoy a much more immersive experience. Whether you play the best PC games or free games, you will really appreciate a specialized keyboard for gaming. Nowadays, a small gaming keyboard is also in vogue.

A small gaming keyboard is just that – only for gaming and nothing else. Gaming keyboards are specially designed to suit the playing of games. Most of the higher-end gaming keyboards make use of mechanical switches, offering great audio for gamers.

There are many professional gamers who are playing video games full-time. When they are shopping for a pro gaming keyboard many are inclined to steer away from those crammed with features and to go for simplicity. They do not want to be lugging large computers and keyboards with them. They want a compact, streamlined keyboard that is more ergonomically pleasing.

These small gaming keyboards have a quick response, and they are quite easily the choice these days for competitive gamers.

They come with special switches for gamers and apart from gaming, they can be used for general typing as well. It is the size of the keyboards that have been a drawcard too because anybody who does not have a reasonable-sized desk can benefit from using them.

It is important to do research on these small gaming keyboards, because it may seem as though the price tag should also be small, but It is not always the case. Some are more expensive even than the regular-sized keyboards.

Buying the best keyboard is all about finding the best possible version, for you because as a gamer, you are going to quite likely be playing your games every day. A keyboard has to have the right layout and feel.

One Handed Gaming Keyboard

One Handed Gaming Keyboard

Considering a one handed gaming keyboard but not sure? When you think of how gamers need to have all their wits about them, you can’t comprehend a one-handed gaming keyboard. They are also referred to as gaming keypads and while being compact, they still have all the buttons you need.

These one handed gaming keyboards or keypads can be positioned at comfortable angles as they are small gaming keyboards that come with a wrist rest and ergonomically placed buttons.

Gamers find that one of the main advantages of these one-handed gaming keyboards is that they are more affordable. You will find gaming keyboards that come with only the keys needed for gaming.

This means that you get a keyboard that can only be used for one thing – gaming. The problem is that if you do need to use the keyboard for other tasks, you can’t. It is just one of the reasons that people like to look at these one-handed keyboards as small gaming keyboards can be easily placed next to your regular keyboard, ready for use at any time.

Without one of the best gaming keyboards, you are not giving yourself the best chance, especially if you already have a decent gaming PC. You can’t have a poor-quality keyboard whilst gaming.

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100

These small gaming keyboards, some of which are under $100, set themselves apart because they have been made with gamers in mind. There are even some mini gaming keyboards and they come with fast responding switches and sturdy keyboards that can handle all kinds of pressure and force.

You will find that media or macro keys are fairly common on keyboards today and you need them. Macro keys are important as they allow one to link certain commands to one key while media keys allow the gamer to control settings such as volume. The Redragon K552 RGB mechanical keyboard is an example of one of these small gaming keyboards.

The keyboard comes with great ergonomics and an RGB Advanced Backlight control. The RGB backlight colors come in a wide range with various lighting modes for all 87 keys. You can also customize the keyboard as you like, with the keyboard featuring double-shot injection molded keycaps.

It is common for people to start with mechanical keyboards and then as time passes to look for something else. Gamers do not have to buy a whole new keyboard as It is just a case of replacing the switches. The Ergodox EZ just as an example is totally programmable which means that you can adjust any key to do whatever you like.

So while a good gaming keyboard can mean the difference between winning or losing, there are excellent gaming keyboards that can be bought for under $100. Look at the EVGA Z20 just as an example.

This is also looked upon as the best gaming keyboard under 100. It is an exceptional mechanical gaming keyboard with built-in ergonomics which is important for gamers. In fact, the keyboard comes with a detachable wrist rest. The keyboard’s other advantage is that it has particularly low latency. The keyboard is available with Light Strike LK Optical switches, with some other features being a USB passthrough, volume wheel, full RGB backlighting, and dedicated macro and media keys.

For many gamers, you can get a decent keyboard for under $100. The best gaming keyboard under 100 is the Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. For under $100 the keyboard comes with good ergonomics too with its wrist rest.

Corsair Gaming Keyboard

Corsair Gaming Keyboard

The keyboard connects with up to two different devices at the same time, This is done through the USB receiver or through Bluetooth. Corsair is a leading global developer and also a manufacturer of technology for gamers. With a Corsair gaming keyboard, you will find that the K63 is a versatile keyboard with linear Cherry MX Red switches. Its backlighting is limited to a single blue color.

It does not have onboard memory or a cloud sync feature. Gamers appreciate the Corsair gaming keyboard as for starters, Corsair offers a variety of keyboards that can meet everyone’s needs and which offer amazing performance and great durability. Corsair believes that they can offer great gaming keyboards at a lower cost while never compromising on quality. They always have the right gaming keyboard for discerning gamers.

Mechanical Switches For Quick Response Times

The usual keyboards that we all know and use for typing and for sending emails are designed ergonomically these days. A gaming keyboard uses mechanical switches to ensure super quick response times whereas your regular keyboard uses membrane technology. The keyboards also come with extra features that you would not normally find in normal keyboards. These features include things such as media controls and RGB backlights.,

Essentially you can use a gaming keyboard as you would your regular keyboard. All the features that you find on your keyboard can also be found on a gaming device. Gamers need a reliable keyboard if they are playing professionally. In fact, there is so much at stake that some gamers will stop at nothing to get the very best equipment there is.

Keyboard Prices Do Not Always Spell Quality

They look at the most expensive gaming keyboards. They are not looking for keyboards on a budget but are seriously looking for the most expensive gaming keyboard and there are several to look at. These gamers are so determined to have the best gaming keyboard there is that the price can take a back seat for all they care.

The question is ‘ is the most expensive gaming keyboard’ a good one? Do they have something exceptional about them that warrants the price? We all know that price does not always spell quality. We have all bought cheap items before and have had nothing but good service from them. So in effect, as price goes up so should quality but It is not always the case.

Some keyboards are expensive and their expense is not linked to functionality but rather to some useless part of it that is made in solid gold. Look at the Kirameki Pure Gold as an example. It is a useless sparkly gold keyboard, good for nothing really.

But then you get the Optimus Maximus keyboard which has been designed to be the ultimate gaming keyboard. It is a Russian-designed keyboard, with programmable key functions and it costs $1,600 so that means most people can’t afford it.

Mechanical Switches

Mechanical Switches

Gamers are being paid and they have to have all the right equipment to win their tournaments and also get sponsorship deals. If you are wanting to become a professional gamer, you must ensure you have the best gear – certainly a good keyboard and mouse.

These gaming keyboards mostly use mechanical switches. The keys have their own individual switch which makes use of springs. Because the switches have activation points, there is no need to pound on the keys to have them register.

For gamers, there are a number of advantages to choosing these mechanical keyboards. It is the lighter keypress that is so essential for a gamer. Most of these mechanical keyboards have what is known as key rollover. It means a gamer can press a lot of keys at once and they all register.

They are durable with these mechanical keyboards and yet if needs be, they can be removed, making the keyboard easier to clean. You can remove all the keys and clean them

Walmart Has Many Gaming Keyboards

Walmart Has Many Gaming Keyboards

Keyboards can come in different sizes. A gaming keypad is a small keyboard specifically for gaming. They are arranged in a way to be more ergonomic to ensure quick gaming key presses.

Ask any gamer and they will tell you that the most used keys are A, W, D, and S and they are actually referred to as WASD. Gamers want these small gaming keyboards as they can even lean back in a chair and use the keyboard from their lap.

Talking about Walmart gaming keyboards, all kinds of small gaming keyboards are available at Walmart. They are a multinational retail corporation in America and there is not a thing you can’t get there at discount prices. They have always got some or other promotion or initiative to ensure their customers get awesome deals.

A Walmart gaming keyboard comes from some top brands such as Corsair, Razer, T-Wolf, Redragon, SteelSeries, and others. A Walmart gaming keyboard always comes with heaps of choices, You can look at their membrane keyboards as well as their mechanical keyboards.

The membrane keyboards are the cheaper option. What is your preference for small gaming keyboards at Walmart as they have got everything? The choice of key switches makes a huge difference when you play games so choosing the right keys is an important decision to make.

You can take your pick from silicone dome switches, the popular mechanical switches which are quite frankly the best you can have on a gaming keyboard. They give you a more responsive user experience but the mechanical keyboards last longer, too, with most regular consumer boards rated for 1 to 5 million keystrokes, while Cherry MX switches are rated for about 50 million.

You also get these scissors keys but these are actually uncommon for gamers, having a very small distance between the keys so that you can end up pressing the wrong key which can be disastrous when gaming.

Walmart carries plenty of gaming accessories that are guaranteed to be able to enhance your gaming experience. You can find all the gaming accessories you need and always at prices that are affordable and which are available at the sale- or discount prices.

True, gaming keyboards have been getting smaller and smaller and gamers are looking at these small gaming keyboards which are plentiful in 2021. When you take a look at these small gaming keyboards, you see that each brand and model comes with its own unique stand-out features.

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