People want to know about Simple Mobile coverage and Simple Mobile customer service. Their customer service talks about ‘truly unlimited’ on their advertisements and high-speed data at prices that are considerably lower than your regular big-name carriers, believing this affordability should spur everyone to choose them as the best mobile service provider.

As a mobile virtual network operator, Simple Mobile was launched in the year 2009. What attracts people to take a look at its offerings is that it advertises cheap plans. Simple Mobile coverage is the same as any other provider but without the costly price tag. In fact, in terms of Simple Mobile coverage, you do not have to give up on the features you want while still making a significant saving on your cell phone bill.

Simple Mobile does not operate or even own any of its own cell towers but it leases space on a carrier’s network that has its own towers. T-Mobile ranks highly in terms of network performance so Simple customers enjoy benefiting from T-Mobile’s network. And yet, Simple Mobile tells its customers that the availability, speed, and coverage of its network can vary from what T-Mobile customers see.

So if there is a lot of congestion on T-Mobile’s network, the customers of Simple Mobile will witness reduced speeds.

Simple Mobile works on the T-Mobile network, and you have access to 4G LTE coverage, and also 5G wherever it is available. You can always find out about the coverage of cell phones in your locality by making use of the postcode checker.

As an MVNO, Simple Mobile customer service extends to offering benefits that others do not provide. Among these are flexible plans, lower prices, the ability to keep your phone and your familiar number, and best of all there are no contracts, so it is pay as you go.

it is also an attractive option for people who like simplicity. As a prepaid wireless service provider, it is described as no-frills attached and suits anyone who does not want too many options.

Simple Mobile Reup And Other Simple Mobile Plans

Simple Mobile Reup And Other Simple Mobile Plans

There are quite a few important reasons why people want to steer clear of America’s largest carriers – and it is their exorbitant prices. It is why Simple Mobile and its plans are so sought after – their lower costs.

Simple offers an array of plans. It offers unlimited high-speed data and plans that are tiered and which come with LTE data. All their plans have mobile hotspot capability. You can save on their plans by using the Simple Mobile Reup service. This feature automatically renews membership every 30 days.

Why not take a look at the 5 Simple Mobile Plans? The first plans offer limited data with unlimited talk and text, while the other two Simple Mobile plans – the most expensive plans – are the Truly Unlimited Plan and Plus Plan.

These plans also offer unlimited talk, text, and data. One disappointment with the Truly Unlimited plan is only being able to use 5GB of your data for a high-speed hotspot. So it is ideal for users who want unlimited data but who are too perturbed about hotspots. The Truly Unlimited Plus plan, however, offers a full 15GB hotspot.

They offer several data plans – all prepaid plans. Just as an example their cheapest plans cost roughly $25 for which you get 3GB of data. They do have a couple of Truly Unlimited plans, offering unlimited data, text, and talk. These plans also include the likes of unlimited international calling and roaming.

Owned by America Movil, another drawcard for many is that it does not require a contract. For anyone wanting to save on their cell phone bill, it offers discounted data plans.

With Simple Mobile’s Truly Unlimited plans, you can anticipate video streams being restricted to a resolution of 480p. That equals DVD-like quality, which is sufficient on a smartphone. If you are beaming content onto a larger device such as a TV it is more noticeable. T-Mobile is also known to limit video streaming to 480p resolution on its T-Mobile One and T-Mobile Essentials plans.

What Is Simple Mobile?

What Is Simple Mobile

So, what is this Simple mobile? They are a California-based GSM provider. They offer 3G coverage to many American cities and their communication services feature among others –

  • Social networks
  • Email
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited US/global text messages
  • Voice mail
  • Caller ID

They also provide their customers with access to all toll-free numbers in the USA. They provide a variety of unlimited plans and the service of wireless transfer begins as soon as everything is activated and up and running.

Low costs may be what Simple Mobile is about, but what is Simple mobile customer service all about? After all, customer service is the most important thing about any business really. It is what keeps customers interested in a service.

Customer service is what retains customers. How easy is it to get hold of Simple Mobile when you need to speak to someone? Have they invested in customer service, after all, customer service is wrapped up in a company’s brand image?

Getting Started

To actually get started with Simple Mobile requires you to have a T-Mobile compatible GSM phone. If you do not have one, you can purchase one from Simple Mobile or some other provider. The next step is getting a Simple Mobile SIM kit. With the kit, a service plan is required to activate the service. Once you have a cell phone and plan, activation can be done by calling Simple Mobile customer service or by going to their website. You can keep the number you have or get a new one.

With Simple Mobile customer service, you can find a variety of mobile phones from all the top brands – a host of them and you can find plenty of reviews and comparisons online to choose the best.

Simple Mobile also has its BYOD program. This allows customers to bring their devices to continue using their existing phones or tablets. The device must be able to support a SIM card. It needs to operate between GSM 850 and 1900 MHz bands. Without these bands, the user would not be able to benefit from the power that Simple Mobile offers.

A Simple Mobile customer service offering is when customers buy a phone from Simple Mobile, they can make use of SmartPay. It is a case of selecting the mobile device and service plan and waiting for approval of the payment. For approval, the customer must provide proof of a social security number and be over 18 years of age.

The first payment must be made via a debit- or credit card. The SmartPay lease-to-own plan allows one to buy any device on affordable payment plans of 15, 22, or 24 months. SmartPay does not have a 24/7 customer service team but Simple Mobile customer services are available 7 days a week and customers can check on their FAQs on the website of Simple Mobile.

You will need to have a GSM-capable phone as Simple Mobile operates on T-Mobile’s GSM wireless network. On its website, you will see that Simple Mobile has a compatibility checker but does not come with the means to plug in your phone’s IMEI number.

If you keep the phone that you have, it will require buying a Simple Mobile SIM card. If you do not bring your phone along with you to Simple Mobile, you would be able to buy one from the wireless provider’s site. It also has authorized stores. From all the phones available, you will find that the installment plans come with a financing charge.

Reasons To Call Customer Care

Reasons To Call Customer Care

With your monthly rate, Simple Mobile offers discounts when you register for their automatic payment program. Discounts vary with each plan. But what is the reason that people might want to look at Simple Mobile Customer Service? They want some new service from them or they possibly want to cancel a service. They may want questions answered about their accounts and billing, they may want to buy a device or require some kind of technical support.

Simple Mobile customer service includes phone support between the hours of 8 am to 11:45 pm every day of the week.

If you want to increase your chances of getting your issues sorted out, Simple Mobile customer care offers the following tips –

You can call them on their toll-free number. You can also dial 611 from your Simple Mobile phone.

Before making the call, have all your details in front of you such as your account number. Your phone number is connected to your account.

Simple Mobile suggests you always take down the name and other details of the representative that helped you.

Varying Customer Care Opinions

When you read customer reviews on prepaid mobile phone service providers there are varying opinions on Simple Mobile Customer Services. Many customers are frustrated saying that the people who answer the phones are not trained. They say you have to make a hundred and one call before a problem is remotely solved and that there are language barriers as well.

Then again, in terms of Simple Mobile customer services, there are customers who say that they have had no problems with reaching Simple Mobile and that they did not have to wait long to be helped.

A consumer website makes a point of reviewing wireless plans and they said that they had problems with getting proper answers from representatives of Simple Mobile and that when questioned, the representative gave totally conflicting information, almost as if they worked in totally different companies.

Simple Mobile answers questions on quite a few issues such as getting a phone service started and investigating plenty of billing concerns. Customers who have issues with malfunctioning phones have said that Simple Mobile customer services do not seem to extend to resolving issues of this nature over the phone. Most times callers are directed to bring their malfunctioning phones into the repair center.

When it comes to Simple Mobile Customer Services, if you are unhappy with the services you get, there are some options available to you –

As mentioned above, you should have taken notes while talking to the Simple Mobile representative on the phone. Certainly, you should have taken down their name and when the call took place.

Try calling Simple Mobile again. If that does not work, your next option may mean communicating with Simple Mobile customer service in writing. Having an actual record of your message is at least one good thing, more so if you are compelled to take the matter further.

You can send a written complaint to the company’s Executive Resolution Department. Remember that if you do decide to go this route, request proof of mailing and delivery.

Simple Mobile customer service includes 2 live chat options. This you will find on the Simple Mobile website.

Simple Mobile’s live chat operators start responding at 8 am to 11:45 pm and this applies for each day of the week. Simple Mobile also has Facebook and Twitter accounts and Simple Mobile customer service extends to you being able to connect with them via these platforms.

Simple Mobile Customer Service Number

Simple Mobile Customer Service Number

The Simple Mobile customer service number is 800-876-5753.

Call center hours: Monday to Sunday between 8 am to 11 pm EST.

To get through to someone you will be requested to press 1, 5, 6, 2, and then finally 2 again.

Their 800-876-5753 is their best toll-free Simple Mobile customer service number and then you could say that the next best number is 877-878-7908.

If you are wanting a superb prepaid plan with unlimited data, Simple Mobile is for you with their 5 different plans. Simple Mobile Customer Service could do with a bit of an upgrade and then you have got all you could possibly want. If you are happy with everything you can visit Simple Mobile and see how Simple Mobile Reup can ensure further amazing cover and costs.

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