Apple launched the iPhone X which featured an all-new ‘FaceID’ technology. This allows the users to unlock their smartphones by just looking at them. However, there’s nothing brand new about this technology as this has been around in Android smartphones for over three years now. Samsung too released a similar feature with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 facial recognition.

With the progress in the world of technology, smartphones are being designed in such a way that you have to touch your phones as less as possible. There have been many efforts made towards this goal – this includes the likes of Material Design where most actions could be carried out in a few touches, or the touch sensor, where you don’t have to make use of your screen to unlock the phone or even to slide notifications.

Facial Recognition on the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 takes things one step further – now you don’t even need to touch your phone to unlock it. Your phone knows who you are. The moment you raise your iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to face-level it will automatically unlock as the front camera sees you.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 too, can be unlocked by just looking at it. Let us take a closer look at how to set up the Note 8’s facial recognition feature.

How to Set Up Facial Recognition on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Lock Screen and Security
  • Select Face Recognition and Setup a PIN
  • Follow the instructions and let the phone know how you look in various lighting conditions. Hold your phone at your face level while you do this.

Moreover, there’s also an option for ‘faster unlock’ where the phone will unlock immediately upon seeing your face. While this makes the unlock process faster it makes it less secure as Samsung states that your photo or video could be used to unlock the device.