Often while looking at the world of technology, journalists tend to give all the praise of ‘innovation’ to Apple. However, various other companies too, over the years have been quite innovative.

Samsung has been one of the leading names when it comes to innovations in technology, and has brought forward many changes to the way gadgets function.

Samsung Smartwatch With Rotating Dial Display

The edged smartphones is just one example, there are numerous other cases. Samsung is now working on a Android smartwatch which will feature a rotating dial display, as indicated by patents.

Smartwatch With Rotating Dial
Samsung Smartwatch


The USPTO has published a patent application from Samsung which showcases this smartwatch with rotating dial display. Samsung, as we know it, has been experimenting with flexible displays for quite a while now.

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Features of The Smartwatch

This patent hints at a very unique use of flexible display – around a smartwatch in the form of a rotating dial.

This secondary display around the watch, which will be the rotating dial display, will feature various bits of information such as weather, date and time, playlist information, etc.

It might also display notifications. Samsung, in their patent filing, notes that the rotating dial display can be rotated up to 90 degrees. Samsung says that this rotating dial display is split in two parts – upper and lower. As of now no reason has been specified to why Samsung is splitting the display.

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