CES 2017 is the biggest consumer tech event of every year. The event is a showcase of all the major tech giants plan to do in the year ahead. Samsung is one of the biggest names at the Consumer Electronics Show every year. This year too, Samsung products have been one of the biggest highlights of the event, and this year too, they do not fail to impress. Let us take a look at the major highlights of Samsung’s CES announcements –


Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker

2016 was the year Samsung started to look at the audio industry rather seriously. This year, the Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker has been announced at the CES 2017. Samsung brings HiFi audio to the users in their premium range of speakers. The Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker features a 32Bit sound quality, which is indeed a delight for all the audiophiles looking forward to buy it. It offers frequencies as low as 35Hz. However suspense over the pricing and availability details still looms.


Samsung MS 750 Sound+ Soundbar

As mentioned above, Samsung is indeed giving audio technology a serious thought. Having taken over Harman last year, Samsung announced another major audio device at the CES 2017 – the Samsung MS 750 Sound+ Soundbar. This is indeed one of the best Samsung products to release at the CES. It offers the users with UHQ 32-bit audio and features built-in woofer. Pricing and availability details are not declared yet.


Samsung MU9500 UHD BluRay Player

Samsung’s Bluray players have quite a reputation for themselves over the past few years. In 2017 too, Samsung continues to release top notch products. The Samsung MU9500 UHD BluRay Player offers the users with support for wireless headphones, the ability to play 360 degree photos and videos, and it automatically adjusts the TV’s settings without the user having to manually switch modes. Pricing and availability for this too, is not declared yet.


Samsung QLED TVs

Making use of their metal implemented core quantum dot technologies, Samsung announced their QLED TVs. While many say the cable TV is dying, the television as a device is not going anywhere for a very long time! Samsung’s QLED TV stole the show when it came to TVs at the CES 2017. It offers the best possible colors, and brightness of up to 2000nits! Stay tuned for more details on these Samsung products.


Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro

Samsung’s gen-next Chromebook devices, both, the Chromebook Plus and the Chromebook Pro would allow the users to download apps and games from the Google Play Store. Both of them come with 360-degree rotations, and both of them offer qHD screens. A digital pen too, comes with both these Chromebooks. Both the devices are 12.3 inches in size, offer 4GB LPDDR3 RAM, and a 32GB eMMC storage (expandable). Power consumption too is the same for both.

Samsung Chromebook Pro will feature The Chromebook Pro is priced in at $449, and will be out on sale in February. The pricing details of the Chromebook Pro have not been announced yet. The only major difference between Plus and Pro is that of the processor! The Chromebook Plus has an OP1 processor, while the Samsung Chromebook Pro has an Intel M3.


Samsung Notebook 9

Samsung has released a new laptop in their notebook 9 series of devices. With this new 15 inched Samsung Notebook 9, the company has introduced yet another amazing device at the CES 2017. The laptop offers very thin bezels, and an edge to edge display! It features up to 15 hours on a single charge, and comes with a fast-charging technology where 20 minutes of charge gives a 3-and-half hour battery life!

The Samsung Notebook 9 features a 7th generation Intel i7-7500U processor along with an a Nvidia 940MX GPU. The laptop runs on a massive 16GB of RAM, and offers the users with a 256GB SSD. It is priced in at a massive $1399.99 to begin with, and is available for pre-orders. Indeed one of the finest Samsung products at the CES 2017!