Just an hour back Samsung introduced the “Samsung Pay” with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. The Samsung Pay was introduced by Samsung to make Payment easier via Samsung Smartphones.

Samsung Pay Vs Apple Pay

The Payment via Smartphones was actually introduced by Apple during the Apple iPhone Launch event which allows payment using the iPhone.

Samsung Pay VS Apple Pay
Samsung Pay & Apple Pay

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a feature announced by Samsung which would allow payment through Samsung mobile phones easier and convenient, these days people use Mobile phones everywhere they go, and carrying wallets is what people don’t prefer while they go for a shopping.

So Apple introduced the Apple Pay, Google planned up with Google Plaso and finally Samsung announces the Samsung Pay which would allow people to make payments using their Samsung Smartphones.

Do you know what is Android Pay? Keep reading and know how it different from Samsung Pay vs Apple Pay.

The Apple Pay was a nice feature introduced, but it was a way limited, i.e it required that the terminal on which the transaction was to be done should have the NFC built in, which many of the Terminals at the places of shopping didn’t have.

Samsung Pay replaces the idea, by allowing payment to any terminator which has a Standard magnetic credit card reader and it also supports payments through NFC.

Why is it better than Apple’s Apple Pay?

Well, as said above the Apple Pay would only work with the Terminals which have a built-in NFC, but the Samsung pay would work with terminals which have a Magnetic Credit Card Reader which almost all the terminals around the world have. Besides the Magnetic Credit Card reader, it also supports payments through NFC.

So many of the sellers/shops wouldn’t have to replace the existing terminal with a new one, because the Terminal they have is supported by Samsung Pay. Thus, Samsung Pay is better than Apple Pay.

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