Hardly a day goes by when the upcoming Samsung flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S8 has not made it to the news. Today this is the second time the phone is in the news. Earlier today we reported that the Samsung Galaxy S8 pricing was leaked by Evan Blass. In another update, a Samsung Galaxy S8 violet variant has been spotted. Some wallpapers have also leaked for the device. Let us take a detailed look at both these stories:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Violet Variant LeakedĀ 

Samsung’s latest upcoming flagship device was leaked in a violet colored variant today. Of late, this has been something which has become quite a trend. The iPhone introduced a new shade of black last year with their iPhone 7 Jet Black variant. Following that, Google mocked Apple with the ‘Really Blue’ Pixel. Huawei released a horrendoureen colored P10 this year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Violet variant will continue this tradition.

Of late this has been one of the biggest criticisms against the smartphone industry. Companies have been introducing new color variants as what makes their device different from the others. While some devices do look good and unique, this is really absurd that manufacturers are relying heavily on colors to sell phones. While the S8 has much more to offer on the features front, the color too, is an important factor here. We will wait till the launch before we comment any further on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Violet Variant.

Black Sky, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver Wallpapers Leak

Wallpapers have often leaked before smartphones. This has been observed with various phones, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the past. The new Samsung wallpapers which have leaked showcase vibrant colors and are possibly named after the color variants of the phone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Violet variant will release along with the Black Sky, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver variants.

It is quite likely that the Violet variant of the device will be an exclusive, short term variant and may not even release in all regions. Stay tuned for more updates on the 29th as the official launch takes place.