The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been one of the biggest, most awaited names to release this year. There have been various speculations and leaks that have been floating on the internet over the past few months. We have a much detailed idea about this device now. However, more details will emerge once the phone officially launches in less than ten days from today! The one piece of information about the phones that was missing for a while has finally come to light – the pricing information.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Pricing Details Revealed:

The final piece of the puzzle has now been introduced. Evan Blass, one of the top names when it comes to leaks and tips has now Tweeted the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus pricing information. Evan has been proven to be accurate time and again, and we have a strong feeling that this time too, he is correct. Let us take a look at the pricing of the devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8: 799€
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: 899€
  • DeX: 150€
  • GearVR: 129€
  • Gear 360: 229€

The device is indeed priced in at quite a premium price. However, Samsung does need to price their smartphones a little higher this year as they too, are looking forward to cover up the costs that they bared during the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle where millions of smartphones were recalled.

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Speculated Specifications and Features:

The phones have been making rounds on various leaked reports for a while now. The phones will come out with a 5.8 inched display and a 6.2 inched display respectively. They are expected to run a 4GB RAM and offer up to 128GB of storage space. Samsung has also hoarded a large number of the Snapdragon 835 processors which they would use on their upcoming flagship smartphones. The Exynos 9 too, will be featured in various international variants. Stay tuned for more updates! The phone comes out on 29th of March.