Did Samsung not do away with Qualcomm? It did shift to it’s home grown Exynos chipset? Then what is all the fuss about? We know that one of the the reasons for the transition of chipset’s in the past was heating issues and poor performance. But if Qualcomm chips provide solutions to there, Samsung might have a change of opinion.

snapdragon-810-vs-820-performance{adinserter 3}Weibo, a Chinese website said in an article about two variants of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7.  The two variants, named Snapdragon 820-A and Snapdragon 820-B. The chart has come from the benchmark in AnTuTu, it proves that the performance has increased considerably.

820-A is supposed to be the older version of Snapdragon 820. The Snapdragon 820-B being the newer model is supposed to be 1.77 times better. We really hope the biggest improvement in the 820-B would be reducing the heating issues, because that’s what made Samsung migrate from Qualcomm to Exynos on the Galaxy S6.

If all goes well, and Qualcomm’s previous problems are solved. Then going back to Qualcomm would be a great decision. In fact it might be a better option for Samsung. But it’s too early to jump to the conclusion. Right? Owing to the heating issues, not only Samsung is testing with the Qualcomm 820 processor. iDigitalTimes also reported that other leading manufacturers like HTC, Sony, LG, Xiaomi and ZTE are also eagerly waiting for the results.

As for now Samsung Galaxy S7, the phone is expected to come in two variants – a 5.2 inch model and 7.8 inch model, and it might have 3 GB RAM on board  and 20 MP ISOCELL camera. The other details are not yet known and even there are chances that Samsung might shift back to its home grown Exynos chipset, in case Snapdragon’s latest version doesn’t solve the problem.

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