Xiaomi, the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer was rocking the Indian market by shocking the people by sales on Flipkart. Many people were just thinking what is Samsung up to? I was also keen to know what is Samsung doing and found that Samsung was working on Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the First Phone with Complete Metal Chassis, Being a Samsung Note Series fan, I wasn’t able to stop myself from Searching about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Finally Here’s the result of my research!


Image Credits : SoftPedia

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the most awaited Phablet is soon going to arrive the Smartphone market, So when asked a Friend of mine? I did search and found that previously it was rumored that the Korean Smartphone giant will unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the month of September.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be released on September 3, 2014. Well, Samsung hasn’t announced the date officially but reports from some trusted sites claim the release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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The successor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will encompass the Following Features which are shown in the image below, the specifications were leaked by an online Indonesian Seller.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specifications

Image Credits : Expert Reviews

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Well Samsung hasn’t officially said anything about the price which makes difficult for us to tell the people about the price, but the Indonesian Online Seller with Leaking the specs also leaked the Price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, According to the reports from TechTimes, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will cost around $813 and the price may decrease if the device is bought on Contract for Two years.

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