When it comes to the smartphone markets of India, Samsung has always been one of the biggest players, and ever since the Android revolution, the company has held the number one spot and has clung on to it. With nearly 46% of the market share of the Indian smartphone market, Samsung has a stronghold in the Indian markets. The company has now released their latest smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 and the Galaxy J7 2016 in India.


We at Droidmen covered a story yesterday, which announced that the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 and the Galaxy J7 2016 would be releasing in the Indian smartphone market today.  That has indeed happened, and Samsung has now made the pricing and specs official too.

The Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 releases into the Indian markets priced in at Rs. 13,990, and comes out with a 5.2 inched screen on an AMOLED display. The device runs on 2GB of RAM and features 16GB of internal storage. The Galaxy J5 2016 is powered by a quad-core processor clocked in at 1.2Ghz.

The Galaxy J5 2016 runs on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, and supports 4G LTE connectivity. The device also features the S-Bike mode introduced in the J3 in March.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 comes out into the markets of India with a price tag of INR 15,990. The device offers a larger screen at 5.5-inch and comes with an octa-core processor with the power of 1.8GHz. The device features the same RAM/ROM combination as the J5, as well as the same camera.

The camera of both, the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016, as well as the Galaxy J7 2016 stands in at 13MP at the back and 5MP in the front. Both the devices run on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. Samsung is increasingly releasing more and more devices into the Indian markets, as even during a global slowdown, the growth here is expected to be high.