For years we have been seeing Samsung and LG show off their foldable display technology at tech events. The CES always has some company showing off foldable display but there hasn’t been any practical use case of the technology. However, Samsung finally announced today that they are now working on it for a 2018 launch of phones that feature foldable displays.

Samsung has been experimenting with the foldable display technology for quite a bit now. President of Samsung’s mobile business, Koh Dong-jin stated today that Samsung’s first smartphone with a flexible display might be ready by next year. This is a big announcement from Samsung and has been something which was awaited for quite some time now.

The timing of the announcement too, was quite strategic as Samsung announced their plans for smartphones with a foldable display just hours before Apple announces the next iPhone. Current speculations indicate that the smartphones with a foldable display might be out around the first or the second quarter of 2018. However, nothing can be said about this with certainty as of now.

Meanwhile, ZTE too, is testing foldable smartphones, but in a somewhat different manner with the ZTE Multy. In the past there had been rumors that Samsung’s foldable display devices would launch with a Galaxy X series of devices. Moreover, it is also being speculated that this design change comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone which comes out next year.

Samsung’s Note series of devices have always been rather innovative in terms of design and it would come as no surprise if the first smartphone with a flexible, foldable display too, would be that of the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

As of now there’s no relevant information as per what Samsung plans to release. However, stay tuned with us for more details on these gen-next, flexible Samsung smartphones.