Heard about salesforce and not sure what the different certifications are? Want to add a new skill set to your resume but don’t know which salesforce online training to go for? Here we will look at the different credentials you can achieve after clearing the salesforce examination and which one is best suited for your needs.

Roles in Salesforce

Roles in Salesforce

Salesforce is a huge company that has revolutionized the consumer journey by bringing corporations closer to them. This has resulted in valuable data collection and created a brand name for big businesses that now provide stellar customer service. Salesforce online training started as a sales management software and has expanded into so many different branches allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate their departments. This has led to many different modules that are complex and require a salesforce expert to customize them to the business’s needs. This is why there are so many different salesforce online training certifications which eventually leads to having one of the seven credentials.


People in this role are required to know salesforce online training holistically as these people are the main contact person between the development team and the businesses department. They know the jargon, limitations, and the power of salesforce and can understand the needs of the department, customize the needs according to salesforce online training application and guide the development team on those needs. Administrators are relied upon for efficient deployment and maximizing the features one can draw from salesforce online training.

App Builders

Salesforce online training is known for its customization capabilities allowing app builders to customize salesforce applications to the needs of their organizations. App builders play a pivotal role in designing and customizing salesforce applications according to the business’s needs.


Developers are a bit more advanced than app builders as there is a lot of programming involved. They have the capability to develop business logic and can do complex data modeling. Using these skills, developers are able to make changes in the salesforce applications or even program new applications suitable for business needs.

Implementation Experts

Once the application or module is ready by the developers, implementation experts ensure that the module is easily implemented in the business. They are responsible for making the module simple to use and understand. They ensure that the salesforce online training application is implemented across the organization without any hiccups.


Marketers are responsible for marketing salesforce products through emails and other channels. They know the ins and outs of salesforce online training cloud email and use that to collect substantial data for the organization. They create posts, lead campaigns, analyze consumer conversations, and report to the management.


Pardot is a platform and with this credential, one can be expected to design, create, and roll out marketing workflows. Pardot knows and is responsible for using strategic marketing tools to deliver products and services catered to the consumer’s needs.


The architect is a huge ecosystem in the salesforce world and those aiming to get this credential are responsible for the entire Salesforce ecosystem. They create ideas, products, and a vision of how everything can be seamlessly integrated into a single solution to help businesses improve their connection with their consumers.

Which One is the Right Certification For You?

Which One is the Right Certification For You

If you’re looking for an answer to which one is the best certification to do, then that is the wrong question to ask. Salesforce online training certifications are aimed at different roles and you must have an interest or an inclination towards that role in order to pursue it. For example, it doesn’t make sense for a software engineer to add a marketer’s skill set to their resume. This is a completely different path and does not provide any synergies to their existing qualifications. The best path for a software engineer would be to become a developer in Salesforce. This will add a lot of weight to their resume allowing them to work in organizations that use salesforce.

So if you want to know what is the right certification for you, you need to go over the roles and understand where you might fit in. See how the role will add to your existing qualifications and make you stand out among the rest rather than having multiple qualifications that do not make sense when together.

The best place to start for those that do not have coding experience or do not want to go down that path is a Salesforce online training administration certificate. This is a non-coding certification and is important to the organization for understanding the needs of the department. These have multiple certifications too so do your research before applying for the exam. You can find all the information on their website.

CRS Info Solutions – Pioneers of Salesforce

CRS Info Solutions - Pioneers of Salesforce

CRS Info Solutions have been shaping bright professionals in the field of salesforce by providing software training. It helps individuals train and become experts by developing their salesforce skills. The training can go from beginner level to advance while providing different certifications. Their website allows users to enroll in any of their salesforce online training programs and receive all the relevant study and practice materials to help you clear your salesforce examination.

CRS info solutions provide different salesforce online training like lightning, salesforce admin, salesforce development, and many more. But that’s not all. CRS info solutions provide a portal whereby professionals can connect with others for any opportunities available in the field. They can reach out to people for answers to their queries and understanding best practices across the globe. The training includes 2 to 3 different projects that provide hands-on experience for those getting started in this space. Not only are you getting theoretical knowledge but also practical experience while you learn.

CRS info solutions is a pioneer in the salesforce training space and they ensure that the trainers they recruit are the best of the best. You might find yourself learning from one of the experts at a Fortune 500 company! If you’re unsure about the training program or don’t know how it’ll add to your skillset, you can always request a live demo training. The website has a schedule for online demo classes but if you find that the timings are not fitting in your schedule, you can contact CRS Info Solutions to provide you with flexible dates that will best suit your availability.

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