Even with the restrictions imposed by prisons when it comes to cell phone use, a lot of prisoners still manage to smuggle phones into prison. In fact, the number of inmates smuggling phones has grown over the years.

Regardless of how cell phones are used, some analysis has been carried out, and more phones are being confiscated in prison like in Jefferson County Jail in Hillsboro Mo.

Rising Cell Phone Problems in County Jails

The ability to make phone calls isn’t much of an issue. The main threat is how technology has advanced over the years. A normal cell phone has similar abilities to a laptop, and it can be hidden easily by inmates.

Common Reasons Why Cell Phones Get Smuggled Into Jails

Common Reasons Why Cell Phones Get Smuggled Into Jails

Most prisoners serving a long sentence want to acquire a cell phone in jail to be able to contact their family members and friends. Life in prison isn’t that easy, and you now see why some prisoners are willing to risk having a cell phone as long as they can contact their loved ones.

A state prisoner usually pays $2 for a phone call that lasts two minutes. The prisoners are also willing to part with hundreds of dollars for a phone. Their main focus is on having the freedom to communicate whenever they want.

Families and prisoners will be tempted to engage in such risky behavior. Some people come from families that aren’t that well off. As a result, they’ll be tempted to get a cell phone since it will allow them to be a part of the outside world.

What are the Negative Effects of Cell Phones in Prison?

Negative Effects of Cell Phones in Prison

There may be reasons why prisoners try to smuggle cell phones in jails, however, the negative effects outweigh those reasons. Plus, you must remember that prison is punishment for crimes committed and not a vacation.

Can you imagine what the most dangerous prisoners can do if they have access to a laptop while in prison? Such thoughts are scary, which is why cell phone possession is among the issues being taken seriously.

It is possible to continue trafficking drugs from prison with a phone since gang members can communicate with their colleagues in the outside world. A drug dealer can even contact someone from another country while in prison. In other words, with the rising problem of cell phones being smuggled into jails, it means that crime won’t stop once the culprit is locked up. This means the community is still in danger and justice will not be served right.

What Happens if a Prisoner is Caught with a Cell Phone?

What Happens if a Prisoner is Caught with a Cell Phone

If a prisoner is caught with a phone, they may end up serving additional time, and they’ll also lose credit in the process. The cellphones are quite dangerous, and they can be used when committing and facilitating crimes.

The government has been working tirelessly to ensure contrabands are not introduced or used in prison, including cell phones. Some of the measures that have been put in place include the use of low-body full-body scanners, metal detectors, and parcel scanners.

State and federal lawmakers have been focusing on passing laws that would allow jamming cell phone service within prison walls. The only issue is that these laws are in the initial stages. The Federal Communications Commission is in charge of regulating airwaves, and they’re working on the matter.

Criminals are taken to prison for a reason. They’re supposed to reform and become well-behaved citizens after serving time. If they have access to cell phones and they can proceed with criminal activities within prison walls, can they really reform? This is why the rising issues of smuggling cell phones into prison should be dealt with fast.

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