OnePlus Two is one of the most popular android devices in the smartphone market, Yesterday we posted a guide with steps to flash Android 6.0 Marshmallow (OxygenOS 3.0) on OnePlus Two and we’ve seen a lot of people asking for steps to revert back to Android Lollipop from Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Steps to Install Android Lollipop on OnePlus Two

The reasons for reverting back from Android 6.0 Marshmallow to Android Lollipop is quite simple, It is because of a lot of problems such as slow charging, high temperature (increased heats), Absence of AudioFX and a lot of other problems. We’ve written an article in which we’ve already mentioned the problems the OnePlus users are facing on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Although it was an official release but it was a beta version i.e. It was released to people who are into development, so that they could improve the experience and release the final version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM for OnePlus Two in the form of OTA. While a lot of people like the smoothness of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on their OnePlus Two, a lot of them hate the slow charging and the increased hotness.


How to Install Android Lollipop on OnePlus Two or Revert Back from Android 6.0 Marshmallow to Android Lollipop.

If you are one such OnePlus user who is disappointed by the Oxygen OS 3.0 and want to revert back to OxygenOS 2.2 on your OnePlus Two, then this guide would be of a lot of help to you. In this guide, I’ll be up with steps to revert back/install Android Lollipop back to the OnePlus Two. Without wasting a minute more, let’s begin with the steps.


Step 1: Download and Transfer the OnePlus Two Android Lollipop ROM for OnePlus Two.

Download the OxygenOS 2.2, the official stock Android Lollipop ROM for the OnePlus Two and transfer it to the outermost directory of your Internal storage on the OnePlus Two without extracting it.

Once you’ve downloaded it successfully, transfer it to the internal storage of your OnePlus Two. In case you don’t have a PC or access to computer system, then you can directly download the Stock ROM from the link above by opening it directly on your OnePlus Two.

Step 2: Reboot OnePlus Two into Recovery mode.

Once you’ve downloaded and transferred the ZIP file of the ROM to the outermost directory of your OnePlus Two, you will have to reboot into recovery mode. Recovery mode will allow you to flash the ROM to your OnePlus Two so that you will be able to use the ROM on your device.

To boot into recovery mode, you can power off your OnePlus Two and press and hold Volume Up + Power Button and you will be able to see the recovery of your OnePlus Two.

In case you fail to boot into recovery mode after several attempts then you can simply go to the Settings app > About Phone > Build Number and Tap on Build number 7 times, go back to Settings app and above About phone section you will be able to see the Developer options, now go to Developer options and enable advanced reboot.

Now hold the Power button for a while and you will be seeing a lot of other options i.e. Reboot, Airplane mode, and other options, click on Reboot and you will get another set of options, click on Reboot into Recovery. The phone will automatically reboot itself into recovery mode.

Step 3: Flash the OxygenOS 2.2 Stock Android Lollipop ROM ZIP which you’ve Downloaded.

Once you are into the recovery mode, select the language you like, I’d prefer English as I know it and there are a lot of things written about the features of the recovery in English. However, you can select the language of your choice and the recovery will begin showing text in the language you selected.

After selecting the language, click on Install Zip and select the ROM which we downloaded from the above link. The ROM installation progress will begin, be patient for a while and you will see your smartphone getting rebooted. That’s it, you’ve successfully installed Android Lollipop to your OnePlus Two.

In case you face any problems, please reboot back to recovery mode and WIPE the cache, doing this will remove the old cache memory and replace it with the new cache file. That’s all my friends, in case you’ve faced any problems comment the problem or contact us on social media channels and you will be able to use Android Lollipop on your OnePlus Two.