Apps Use Lot of Mobile Data? Restrict Android Apps from using Mobile Data when they are not Open.

Android has been one of the favorite operating system among the users these days, Android Apps make Android more reliable and useful, which in return makes the life of an Android user easy. These days Android apps not only allow you to chat or socialize with people but also allow you to book tickets, buy/sell products, do recharges and order food also.

Having all these apps has also become a part of a person’s life because these apps make life very easy. For an e.g. Previously for recharging our Smartphones, a person has to go to a recharge shop and give his number to the shop owner and wait for the recharge to happen, but now just push your Mobile number into the app and the recharge is done that too in a very short span of time.

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But to avail the lightening fast services one has to give room to these apps in their Android Smartphones, Such apps in return also consume data while you are not using them, this data enables the app to know the state of the phone and also pushes notifications from the app servers. Such data consumption is called as “Background data usage”. Though there are a lot of advantages of apps using Background data like “You can receive messages even when you are not using an app”, the app can read the phone status and a lot more, but that’s in regards with the development, hence I won’t be talking much about them in this article.

Enabling Background data increases the Internet data usage, reduces the battery and keeps the app running interacting with internet when you are not using the app.

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Why should you Turn Off Background data usage?

Turning off Background data enables the apps to be there (installed) in your Phone but doesn’t allow the Android apps to interact with Internet when they are not in a running state which results in Less usage of battery, less usage of Mobile Data. This indirectly means, that the battery standby would increase with a significant decrease in the Internet Data Usage (Mobile Data).

[alert-warning]But note some apps using different service for sending and receiving the data from internet also won’t be able to complete the task, for an instance the Google Adsense app won’t be able to show the income report when the background data is restricted because it uses a different service to send and receive data from the Google servers.[/alert-warning]

How to Restrict an App from accessing to internet when It’s not open?

I’ve already said the advantages of turning of background data, though there are disadvantages but having background data helps a lot in increasing battery life and decrease the Internet usage (MB’s of data). Imagine you are having a limited data pack where you can only use 200 MB, but having a lot of apps and summing up can consume data significantly. So want to reduce the Mobile data usage of apps when they are not being used? What are we waiting for? Let’s begin.

[alert-note]The Steps may vary from Model to Model, But the basic steps are given below and are applicable to Any Android Device.[/alert-note]

Restrict Apps from Accessing Mobile Data when they are not used

1.) Navigate to the Settings app on your Android Smartphone/Phablet/Tablet.

2.) Look for the Data Usage option and open it, once you find, If you are not able to find, comment your Model number here, we’ll get the steps for that specific model.

3.) The data usage app would show the amount of Internet Data (Mobile Data) used in MB’s, Click on Options or scroll down and you will find “Restrict Background data” or similar term (varies from model to model) and by default it won’t be having a tick mark besides it.

4.) Select it and Tick mark the “Restrict background data” option and that’s it.

Now you are not allowing the Android app to use Mobile data when the app is not being used, hence there will be consumption of Mobile data only when you are using the App. Isn’t it great? Just ticking one thing, the amount of data usage decreases?

[alert-warning]Note : Turning off Background data won’t allow the apps to interact with the internet when the app is not used by you. So in such cases apps like “WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Hike etc.” won’t be able to send a notification to the phone when a message/notification arrives, hence you will receive the message only when you open the app, this can also cause lot of delay in the communication. Hence think twice before selection of the option.[/alert-warning]

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