Have a Galaxy Note 4? Do you find many unwanted apps in it? Do you want to uninstall the Samsung Apps and the Bloatware that comes with Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Yes! Yeah, the Galaxy Note 4 is Phablet which comes with a High-end Specifications, but with the High-end specs, sits lots of Bloatware which reduces the performance of the Device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Before beginning with the steps let me tell, that besides the Bloatware, the script would remove the Samsung Knox which can cause problems with further OTA updates for your Note 4.

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Pre-requisites :

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Any variant, be it verizon, sprint, t-mobile)
  • Charge above 50%
  • Bloatware Remover package (Download it from the link linked in steps listed below)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Drivers (Make sure you are able to connect the device)

Once you have all the stuff ready, you can proceed with the Steps Listed Below to Remove Bloatware from Galaxy Note 4.

Steps to Remove Bloatware from Galaxy Note 4

  1. Download the Bloatware Remover Package for Galaxy Note 4 in your Computer.
  2. Connect Galaxy Note 4 to your Computer System (Make sure drivers are installed properly)
  3. Extract the Bloatware Remover Package.
  4. Open the “Block and Unblock Bloat” .bat file
  5. Follow the Instructions which appears on the Screen to Remove the Complete Bloatware without rooting your Galaxy Note 4.

This script works for all the Galaxy Note 4 Variants, However using this might also remove Samsung Knox which might cause issues for OTA updates which the carrier or Samsung might send, so if you are good enough and can deal editing the script then open the script and edit in the Note Pad and remove blocking Samsung Knox and run it as shown above.

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