It has always been a confusion while selecting a smartphone. The confusion increases when we are asked to select between a smartphone with a removable battery and a smartphone with non-removable battery. Previously not many Smartphones came with a removable battery, but these days phones with non-removable batteries are increasing in number. This has lead to a huge dilemma in the mind of the buyer’s.

Removable Vs Non-removable battery{adinserter 3}The phones with non removable batteries do provide very high end performance, while the phones with a removable batteries can be replaced when damaged. Though, it provides high performance  but we simply can not ignore the fact how easily the phone can be restarted with a non removable battery in case it hanged. In this guide we will help you come across that dilemma.

Reselling Factor: The phones with removable batteries get sold easily and at high-prices.

The growth of the mobile industry has lead to increase in the device launches, increase in the mobile users and every next day we some or another thing entering the market. A Smartphone/Phablet/Tablet, be it the most high-end, get obsolete at some point of time. The value diminishes and the owners sell these products while they are looking for an upgrade.

The reason is pretty clear. A potential buyer while buying a second-handed phone would absolutely prefer a phone with a removable battery, as trusting a phone with non-removable battery would be difficult. A phone that has high-end specifications with a removable battery has high chances of being sold than the non-removable ones.

Survival Factor: Which survives more?

Lets say your phone accidentally falls into water. Then you can’t open up its parts and let it get dried up. Or when your phone battery dries up, you can’t just pop in your surplus battery and carry on with your work. Some of your actions are certainly limited when it comes to phones with non-removable batteries.

However, in case a phone with a removable battery falls into water, you would simply remove the battery, dry all the parts and in case it works then fine, if not you could apply some another things. I still remember that for quiet sometime, any problem pertaining to your phone/smartphone could be resolved by removing the battery and placing it again. No one had the urge to go to the root of the problem.

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Over Heating Issues: Non-removable survives.

If you’ve been using the smartphone then one thing you definitely know is, “In case of any problem regarding the heating of the phone”, the best solution is removal of the battery. So if the battery in your phone is removable then you could simply remove the battery and let your phone to chill down to overcome to ‘over heating solution’.

But when the phone doesn’t have a removable battery, then you won’t be able to remove the battery, switching of the phone would solve the problem, but removing the battery is more effective on that!

Sometimes when our phone hangs and the buttons don’t respond then, We could just remove the battery in the smartphone with a removable battery but, in case of non-removable battery we will have to wait for the phone to respond.

Replacement: Removable Batteries are easy to replace.

After using a smartphone for a long time the battery backup reduces. Sometimes the battery gets damaged, In such cases the batteries can be easily bought and replaced. This could be easily done by the customer himself, without wasting much of his/her time.

But when it comes to a non-removable battery, if it gets damaged then the user has to first take it to the service center to check whether the battery is in proper working state or not, in case it gets damaged respective actions according to the service report must be taken.

Pros of non-removable batteries

The pros aren’t much in case of non removable batteries. Jotting down the points would include a couple of points such as :

  • Dust particles can’t be prevented from entering the interior of the cellphones
  • If you are fond of Sony (Xperia) or Motorola gadgets, then you will see that a single unit makes the set look way too appealing.

Cons of non removable batteries

If you have gone for a very costly set, and you come across some problems in your handset. You take it to the service centres and there they say there is some issue with the battery? What do you do? There is absolutely no surety that the company will replace your phone.

Power banks are not healthy for your phone’s battery. Plus they are bulky. While travelling we try reduce our load as far as we can. Don’t you think, in such a cases smartphones with removable batteries are way better than the non removable batteries where you would just have to pop in a battery in case your battery dries up

What if your phone by chance falls into water. The smartphones these days have interior water proof coating that would save the phone if water creeps in inside. But if you cant remove the battery, these waterproof coating are also of no use.

What will happen if your phone lags. If somehow you can restart it, all’s well. But what if you can’t? Does that mean you have to wait till the phones get totally discharged!

Manufacturer’s POV on Non-removable batteries

According to the manufacturers’, introducing this new idea of non removable batteries will reduce the customers from tampering with the battery and other integral parts. You can remove the back cover though, for inserting the SIM cards and memory cards. But that’s all.

In case you don’t find non removable batteries convenient, you may go for a smartphone with a removable battery. But these days there are very nice option in both the sections. If you like a smartphone with non removable battery, you can always keep a charger or power bank in handy so that you phone never dies.

In case you find it annoying to carry chargers or power banks all the time or you love travelling then it would be wise not to experiment and directly go for smartphones with removable batteries. We have placed the views in front of you now. Do let us know your views in the comments below.

  1. Hi Deb,

    I agree with you that non-removable battery phones have got some limitations. We cannot replace their batteries by ourselves if they need to be replaced and need a technician support every such time.

    As companies are falling in a course of making thin phones, they are embeding the batteries inside to bring 0.1 or 0.2 changes even. If, as promised, companies like Samsung brings out those 10,000mAh batteries, people will stop caring about the removable and non-removable thing at all. Waterproof is of course anticiapted with those mobiles.

    Thanks for shedding some light on it.

  2. very helpful and clear cut discussion….. i think smart phone with a removable battery is good…

  3. Hello there Kunti,

    Welcome to Droidmen 🙂

    Thank you for the appreciation. Even I like phones with removable battery, but Motorola phones are so awesome but they won’t manufacture them with removable batteries. How sad 🙁

    Thanks for stopping by. Visit us again. 🙂

  4. Hi Sasi,

    Welcome to Droidmen 🙂

    I was very cool with the non removable batteries until my Moto G2 got hanged (as the internal memory got filled) and the phone went lifeless for almost 15 hours(No mobile data) with ~70% battery.

    After this experience, I’d rather have 0.1 to 0.2 mm fatter cellphones rather than have my cellphone dead for half a day. And yeah waterproof is surely anticipated. On a funnier note, the guy who buy’s a 10,000mAh battery phone might just buy another phone if his phone hangs. *laughs*.

    Visit us again. Have a good day and weekend ahead 🙂

  5. Thanks for this article. I’m searching for a new phone and will choose the one with a removable battery.

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