Remix OS is an Android based operating system designed for your PC’s which will help you get the Android experience on your existing PC’s. Get the instruction to install and download Remix OS USB tool.

Download & Installation Instruction of Remix OS USB Tool

It is made available by Jide Technologies which earlier launched Remix Mini on Kickstarter. The company aimed at making this OS available to everyone free of cost and was about to officially launch it around 12th January.

remix os usb tool
Remix OS Leaked

We’ve previously seen a lot of Desktop apps which bring in the Android apps and many Android functionalities to your computer system. However the real pain comes while using them and Remix OS is a completely different thing. It is a complete OS which is made based on the Android Platform and would make using of Android OS on your Laptops or PCs very easy.

Install Bluestack First

It has a lot of features which make it stand out of the crowd. Remember, while using Bluestacks for Windows or PC, you are supposed to install Bluestack first, then you have to download various apps to Bluestacks and to use those apps you will have to start Bluestacks and keep it open. Even after facing so much pain, we don’t get the performance at the expected quality.


A reddit user – Orion Grant published the link (mentioned in the source) which has the torrent files of the Remix OS USB tool. Many users have made comments on baidu saying this is very easy to use, but some users have also posted about some external issues with their BIOS setup, We will be soon up with the guide with steps to Install Remix OS on your Windows/Linux computer system.

Requirements of Remix OS Bootable USB Drive Using Remix OS USB Tool

  • You need an 8GB+ more USB stick with 20MB/s write speeds.
  • To make USB disk you need Windows running operating system, that USB tool only supports Windows.
  • USB tool for Remix OS ISO.

Update 1: We’ve made two simple guides to help you with installation of Remix OS 3.0 on your Computers based on your OS, 1 is for Windows Users and the other one is for Mac users.

Update 2: Created a Topic, Installing WhatsApp on Remix OS 3.0

Update 3: There are a lot of doubts and questions in a users mind – Here are all the doubts about the Remix OS 3.0 Answered.

So, Why are you waiting for? You must try out Remix OS, if you love Android.

Enjoy the fasted Android ever with best Multi-tasking experience by downloading and installing the Remix OS iOS, Remix OS for Windows & Remix USB Tool from the link provided below.

  1. Hey guys, the download link on is not working.
    Says “Bandwidth Exceeded”!

  2. Beware! Both Chrome and Windows defender see The Remix OS USB tool as malware on my system! Any comments?

  3. To install with Linux, just run:
    sudo dd if=Remix.iso of=/dev/sdX
    where sdX is sdb in my case, be careful

    *However, in guest mode I can’t install apps from Google Play?! Server error notification is all I get. Is it just me?

  4. this doesn’t seem to be the genuine iso file as its size is around 650 mb only. Where as the one that was leaked on/thru baidu is sized 2.01 GB….

  5. Yes i got the same thing, i will wait till tomorrow, it will get released at 12 january..
    Why would we risk our computers for like one day waiting? lol

    If the blogger here won’t clarify this than he is responsible for all the fuzz

  6. The provided torrent seems to have the image compressed in a 7Z file. So you have to decompress it using 7-zip first to get the ISO.

  7. I’d first check if your PC is actually 32-bit. I’ve seen tons of PCs and Laptops from the Windows XP era that were packing 64-bit chips despite running 32-bit Windows XP. Use a program like CPU-Z to discover your CPU model and then look it up on Intel ARK to see what its Instruction Set is.

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