Remix OS 3.0 brings the sweet Android experience to your computer or laptop. Some Remix OS FAQ are Given below. Based on the old Android-x86 project this OS tries to make Android easier to use on PC. From capturing screenshots to copying text, you won’t feel any difference while using this OS. So, do you want to install Remix OS 3.0 on your Computer or Laptop.

Remix OS FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The Remix OS 3.0 is yet to be announced officially, but a lot of people who have the OS installed and another group of people who are yet to install the Remix OS FAQ are having a lot of doubts in their mind. This post is created to clear their doubts about the Remix OS 3.0.

1. When is it going to be announced?

The Remix OS 3.0 is about to be announced in the mid of January 2016, the speculated date for announcement is 12th January, 2016. However, there is no official statements made over it, so there are chances that Jide technologies might extend the launch date up to 15th January.

2. Where Can I Download Remix OS 3.0?

The Remix OS 3.0 was leaked two days back, You can Download Remix OS 3.0 and Follow the below guides for installing them.

3. My PC has no USB 3.0 Slots, Can I still install Remix OS 3.0?

Well, yes, you can install Remix OS 3.0 on a USB 3.0 Drive, but it is recommended to use ‘USB 3.0’ over it, because it USB 3.0 is a way slower than USB 3.0, Thus can make the Remix OS 3.0 run slower and might give a sluggish experience. But if you are someone with an OLD pc which doesn’t have USB 3.0, then you can give USB 2.0 a try.

4. Can I install Remix OS 3.0 on an External HDD?

External HDD’s have better read/write speed over most of the USB Drives, However, to install Remix OS 3.0 on the external HDD, you will have to format it to the format FAT32. Some people might also use the External HDD for getting more storage, but be it a HDD or a USB, the Maximum Space allocated is only 3.9 GB for now.

5. Can I Dual Boot Remix OS 3.0?

Yes, that’s possible, though it has not been implemented officially, a reddit user onellabonella has found a way to Dual boot.

6. My BIOS doesn’t support Legacy Boot Mode. It only has UEFI Boot mode, Can Remix OS 3.0 still work?

One of the minimum requirements for your PC/Laptop to run Remix OS 3.0 is your BIOS should support “Legacy Boot Mode”. Currently it is not possible for a computer system without Legacy boot mode support to boot into Remix OS. 

7. Will Selecting Resident Mode of Installation Install Remix OS 3.0 Make it available for Multi-boot?

remix os faq
Remix OS – Guest Mode & Resident Mode.

The Remix OS 3.0 comes with two modes of installation, one is the guest mode and the other one is Resident mode. The guest mode doesn’t save your data for the next time and the Resident mode will have all your Apps and data saved for the next time you run it. Many people have misunderstood that Remix OS 3.0’s Resident mode will create a partition in our Laptops/PC’s for the Remix OS FAQ and will help us Dual boot or Multi-boot Remix OS 3.0 with existing operating systems.

8. My System Has 1 GB RAM only – Will Remix OS 3.0 work?

Well, Yes, I’ve been using Remix OS 3.0 since the day it has leaked and did not find the OS consuming much of my RAM. Even, the Remix Mini comes with only 1GB of RAM, so you don’t have to worry if you are having only 1 GB RAM. My personal view: It is quick and smooth over Windows operating system.

9. Can I Create Bootable USB with Remix OS. – MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac’s?

Yes, Remix 3.0 can be installed on some of the Apple MacBook’s and iMac’s. Own a MacBook or iMac? Want to install the Remix OS 3.0 on your Mac? Here is simple step by step guide to Download Remix OS 3.0.

10. Can I install Remix OS 3.0 on Microsoft Surface Tablets?

Although the Microsoft Surface tablets are great devices, but they don’t come with “Legacy Boot Mode” option. The absence of ‘Legacy boot mode’ is the only reason why you won’t be able to install Remix OS 3.0 on your Surface tablets. Jide will soon be up with some way to get Remix OS 3.0 working on Microsoft Surface Tablets.

11. Can I use WhatsApp on Remix OS 3.0?

For the first time I tried installing WhatsApp on Remix OS 3.0 via Play Store. It was written that WhatsApp is not supported for Tablets currently and I wasn’t able to install it, But I found an alternate method to Install WhatsApp on Remix OS 3.0.

  1. The launch date is January 12, as said by a staff member of RemixOS on their YouTube channel (video about their stand at CES)

  2. Yes, it is available officially but the ogficial build does not include GAPPS (so no google apps, no play store).

  3. in official website there was two packages which should i download lagacy or efi??? i have lenovo g580 laptop..

  4. i tried to install remix OS on my iBook G4 but the usb doesn’t appears after press the OPTION key. Can you help me guys? please

  5. i am using now win-7 so all following step i complete how to remix os in usb mode. ok. when i insert pendrive how was the partition like linux… some discuss about partition… or dual boot any thing… plz…plz…ans me…looks very nice….RemixOS

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