Booting into Recovery Mode using the combination of buttons such as Power Button, Volume Button and Home button has always been time consuming and sometimes doesn’t work properly when the buttons are not pressed in a proper sequence and even if one of the button is not functioning properly you won’t be able to boot into Recovery Mode and do the task you want to do.

Reboot into recovery mode without pressing buttons

For an instance you are thinking to take a Nandroid Backup, and your Power button isn’t working properly so How do you take? It is not always possible to take the phone to the service center and get it repaired, so after reading this post you will easily be able to Reboot your Phone into recovery mode without pressing the button combinations. So now you’ve understood the motive of this post, Let’s begin with it!

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Step 1 : Download Quick Boot App. So Quick Boot is an Android App which enables a user to reboot an Android Phone into Recovery mode, Download Mode, Power Off, Reboot without pressing the “Hard Buttons”, to use this you should have your Screen working, and the buttons won’t matter!

Quick Boot Reboot without buttons

Step 2 : Start it, You’ll notice that the screen which is shown in the below screenshot, In the main screen you will find all the options which you can do using the Quick Boot App, For now our motive is to boot into recovery mode so click on Recovery.

[alert-note]You Can’t Complete the Guide without Quick Boot!! So Download It![/alert-note]

Step 3 : If you have enabled the Confirmation Dialog in the Quick Boot Settings, then it will show a Pop-up like the one in the below screenshot, just click on OK and you are done, now you will be rebooted into recovery mode.

 Quick Boot Reboot without pressing buttons

So Finally you are done with Recover Mode, You can take a Nandroid Backup, can install Custom ROMs and much more beyond the things explained. Having a Friend facing the same problem? Help him out by Sharing this guide with him 🙂

That’s all for now! In the coming guides we may talk about something more interesting, if you would like to ask me to write something interesting which you like then you can tell us by filling the Contact Page

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