Digitalization and the advent of social media have completely revolutionized the day-to-day life of a great many companies, which have found themselves having to deal with new communication languages, new media (social networks), and a completely different way of interacting with the public than before. All this has not only led to a progressive (and very rapid) modernization of brands, but also to their substantial humanization, understood as an increasingly marked rapprochement between the company and its target audience. The arenas in which this change is taking place are mostly virtual and are populated by myriads of people writing, sharing, and expressing judgments on everything around them, including the products or services offered by their reference brands (or those that may soon become their favorite brands). These dynamics are made possible by a single, indispensable factor: content. Every comment, every single reaction of the public, on social media, is published as a direct response to content posted by another profile, perhaps in the form of a photo or video, or text content. The quality of the relationship between a company and a possible consumer largely depends on the content published on their profiles – but also on the website and on the various advertising materials – because the latter, even before the level of the product or service offered, will be impressed by what the company decides to publish or share through its channels, online and offline.

The New Media

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Faced with the growing importance of the new social arenas for online communication, brands have been forced to equip themselves with highly specialized professionals who know how to manage their social channels, and who are also able to devise a strategy that is coherent with corporate objectives. Their actions depend not only on the ability to attract the attention of new consumers but also on the solidity of the company’s reputation at all times of its existence, even during crisis situations. Sometimes, brands make the unforgivable mistake of believing that these new figures must necessarily bring together strategic, creative, and management skills, expecting the employee in question to profitably handle every aspect of social media management. It is not necessarily the case that a normal Social Media Manager is also perfectly capable of creating textual, graphic or video content: sometimes it is also advisable for a company to hire some specialists to join the communication team, to whom the more purely technical tasks of the trade will be delegated.

The Professions Of The Future

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Graphic designers, copywriters, and videomakers are just a few examples of these professional figures, but there are many others. One of these is the SEO Specialist, who will optimize your texts for subsequent online publication. The importance of this figure could prove to be absolutely decisive for the branding strategies and the performance of a company: by entrusting an entire website to the care of an SEO Specialist, user traffic within your portal could increase dramatically. The reason for this is simple: by realizing the texts of the site from an SEO perspective, using certain keywords strategically distributed in the text, the indexation of your site will improve in the blink of an eye, with the result that the link to your home page will be in a much higher position than before among the search results in Google. This will bring more visitors, more potential customers for your e-commerce, and of course also higher sales volumes. The strength of a brand, after all, is always linked to the value and competence of individuals. For instance, if you are a lawyer aiming to market your firm’s website, a trusted law firm SEO is what you need to boost your rankings.

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Even in the age of social media, the success of companies is closely linked to the strength and quality of the human capital they have (and should have) at their disposal.

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