Do you have a real estate website that doesn’t generate traffic? Well, don’t worry because, with the correct real estate SEO marketing strategies, you can easily hit over 1,000 visitors in just a month. Although there are different opinions about real estate SEO, it boils down to show up in search engines like Google when people are searching for real estate agents. Referral form eXp Realty can help boost your traffic by providing you with access to its powerful marketing tools and resources, as well as its extensive network of agents and buyers.

Real estate SEO needs effective and specific strategies, which differ slightly from SEO strategies that are used by other businesses. Therefore, if you wish to reach a particular audience, you have to concentrate on SEO tactics, which can help you achieve it.

Here are some strategies that you can use a real estate SEO guide

1. Blogs and Content Creation

When creating killer content, you have to be familiar with search patterns that people use. You will also need to ensure that you put down the property’s specifications in detail. Your contents have to be informative and educational, highlighting architectural features, decorating ideas, modern lifestyles, and interior designs. Immediately you are done with your blog posts, ascertain that you interlink them with a relevant content page – you will need this for a high ranking purpose.

However, if you are not conversant with content optimization, consider the SEO plugin to follow all the SEO elements. These elements will help your blog posts rank higher in one of the search engines. Thus, you will make your website easy to navigate and user-friendly. Some of these elements include:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt tags on images
  • Keywords
  • Title tags

2. Focus on Local SEO Keywords

Local SEO slightly differ with normal SEO, which focuses on improving online visibility for location-based searches. Nearly all homebuyers use location-based searches when looking for a property in a specific area. Therefore, real estate agents need to take advantage of local SEO.

Moreover, local SEO keywords have a set of keywords, which may be important to the services you offer, but they entail location information. When creating a list of keywords for your websites, consider long-tail keywords. Such keywords are more specific and longer. Hence, they will bring qualified traffic and less competition.

Real Estate SEO

3. Establish a User-Friendly Site

With a lot of links and pictures, a realtor’s websites may, at times, be a nightmare to web developers. However, with experienced web designers as well as experienced real estate experts such as those from Movoto you can easily establish a responsive site, which is optimized for mobile browsing. A mobile-friendly site includes the below content so that customers can be satisfied:

  • A step-by-step guide of buying properties
  • Lists of new properties
  • Hyperlinks to the fast-moving and related services like home inspection and moving facility

Additionally, consider introducing an effective live chat on your site. Real estate websites are very people-centric. This is means that you should be available 24/7 to respond to customer’s questions.

4. Make a Quality and Educative Video Content

Video content is effective and engaging in educating audiences on what you offer. Approximately 85% of sellers and buyers prefer working with real estate agents who use video marketing. However, only 20% of agents recognize the presence of video content. Therefore, this indicates that compelling videos are perfect for establishing your brand and setting it apart from competitors.

Well-produced and relevant video content can help you build a professional rapport and trust with sellers and buyers.

There are many ways of achieving this, but you can start by offering your customers a virtual tour of the most amazing homes on the listing. You can also develop a video marketing content of how people can renovate or inspect properties before they put them on a listing. Hence, any kind of video content, which resonates properly with your target audience will surely improve your SEO strategies for real estate.

5. Establish an Online Community and Social Media

For you to create traffic, you need to establish an effective online community. A well-established online community can guide you to do many things, such as the following:

  • Creating posts
  • Sharing images
  • Going live with properties
  • Creating tidbits and blogs
  • Posting videos and pictures

Moreover, active social media platforms can make your marketing strategies much easier by finding clients quickly and running campaigns through retweets or hashtags. In addition to that, potential customers will be able to trust you.

If you also have blog posts, videos, and photos, you can post them on Twitter or Facebook.

Real Estate SEO

To Wrap-Up!

As far as a real estate business is concerned, you have to look for the right cut. Remember, the key thing is to know your audience’s value and create a perfect bond with them. You can check more on BlackStorm Roofing SEO Company.

The future real estate businesses depend on the digital era. Therefore, as a real estate entrepreneur, you must adopt these amazing SEO strategies to establish a good relationship with customers.

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